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Postpartum yoga <BR> - <BR> with Movement For Modern Life <BR> [FILM]

Postpartum yoga
with Movement For Modern Life

As a team of women and mothers we know first hand how difficult it can be to stick to your yoga practice thought your pregnancy but also how difficult it can be to get back into a routine after the baby is born. Which is why we have partnered up with online yoga platform Movement For Modern Life to share with you some tips for getting back to the mat and a post-partum yoga sequence so you can get practicing today.

Here is Movement For Modern Life yoga teacher Lucy McCarthy with baby Luna to show you a short, simple post-partum yoga routine with your baby to open and stretch your body with simple twists and side body openings. Perfect for new mums who are short on time, and with some all important play and interaction with your baby.


We asked Lucy some questions about getting back to her practice after having baby Luna.

How is it being a new Mum and trying to fit in your yoga?

”When I got pregnant I had no idea what my practice would look like once my baby arrived. I knew that I would likely be tired and not have much free time! What I discovered to my surprise was that my yoga practice became more important than ever to me in lots of different ways. Firstly my body desperately needed to move and stretch after long hours of sitting, breastfeeding and holding the baby so I ended up doing a lot of shoulder openers and twists in the early days. But I also found my breath and meditation practice so helpful in helping me through moments when my patience was tested to the max! My yoga practice may not look much like it did before I became a mother, but I find time to fit it in in moments when my daughter sleeps or when she plays happily beside me I usually take the opportunity to lie next to her and stretch!”

What were some of the ideas behind the class?

”I wanted to create a class that included the baby but also allowed the mother to get some much needed self nourishment and self care through breath and simple postures that would address common tensions. (Mothers often succumb to tight shoulders, stiff backs and tight hip flexors). The main idea is that a healthy happy mother helps create a healthy happy child. And that taking time out for yourself as a new mother, though it can be hard, is so important. ”



Here are some of our top tips for getting back to the mat postpartum;

– Go with the flow – Don’t feel pressure to get straight into a headstand, take your time to give your body what it needs even if that means sitting in child’s pose alone.

– Invest in a good quality mat. One of our current favourites is the Bump Mat from Yoga Teacher Tara Lee. Designed for pregnant women who need comfort over everything. Made from a luxurious, grippy and super comfortable 100% recyclable TPE Centreline to support you and baby for the minute you set foot on the mat. Perfect post baby, it’s so comfortable we guarantee once you use it you won’t go back to a normal mat.

Here is Yoga Teacher and founder of the Bump Mat Tara Lee showing us her yoga moves on her super soft, super comfortable Bump Mat!

– Invest in comfortable yoga clothing. Our ethical yoga clothing is made from the softest bamboo and organic cotton so it literally moulds to your body and is great for sensitive skin. It’ superb stretch capabilities mean that it stretches and grows with you whilst always maintaining it’s shape and our flattering design features means that our bamboo yoga pants and bamboo yoga tops are perfect throughout your pregnancy but also fabulous post baby, on and off the mat.

– Sign up to a yoga lessons online. We know how hard it can be to get the motivation and the time to get back to a yoga studio, especially with a little one, which is just one of the many reasons we love Movement For Modern Life. Created for life on the go, you can take your yoga practice with you wherever you go, if that means out to the park of simply at home when your baby is having a 30 minute nap. With a huge selection of videos from post-partum yoga to relaxing Yin we can’t recommend it enough!

To check out Lucy’s full class and all of the other amazing  post baby classes on Movement For Modern Life click here… 

Discover our maternity yoga clothes including our maternity yoga pants and how to wear them here. 

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