Maternity Wear for Yoga and Pilates

Many women want to keep up going to the gym or their yoga and Pilates practice whilst pregnant – or start practicing for the first time during their pregnancy. Over the years we’ve received so much positive feedback from women who have found Asquith yoga and Pilates clothes perfect to wear during and after pregnancy.

Activewear During Pregnancy

Asquith maternity pants, tops and leggings are made with eco-friendly bamboo and organic cotton, which are both incredibly soft and comfortable to wear - key criteria for pregnant ladies. Bamboo is breathable, moulds to the body, is naturally anti-bacterial (great for sensitive skin) and has excellent stretch capabilities – crucial for a growing bump!

Our fabric is Oeko-Tex certified which means it is processed without the use of harmful chemicals in the dyeing and finishing, making it particularly good for sensitive skin - a common complaint during pregnancy due to increased hormone levels and your skin stretching as your baby grows.

Activewear Post Pregnancy

Looking after a baby is a wonderful, all-consuming (and tiring) feat. We’re also often left with post-partum bodies that don’t quite fit into our old wardrobes. Asquith collections are designed to flatter - with longer length tops, fold over waists that support tummies and tops that are looser in all the right places. Asquith activewear has been described as ‘comfort clothes’, so perfect to wear after a long night (sadly not painting the town) and elegant enough to be part of your everyday wardrobe.

We recommend the following yoga pants and tops for maternity

Freedom tee, maternity wear for yoga

Freedom Tee

Long enough to accommodate your growing bump and the loose fit flatters tummies post birth.

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Balance Bra Top, maternity wear for yoga

Balance Bra

Underwired bras are often a no-go whilst pregnant, this bra top is super comfortable and very supportive.

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Be Grace Batwing, maternity wear for yoga

Be Grace Batwing

Our best-selling top is perfect for pregnancy, the longer length and loose-fit on your tummy means you’ll be wearing this for months.

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Flow With It Leggings, maternity wear for yoga

Flow With It Leggings

The soft elastic waistband makes it very comfortable for your bump and you’ll live in these classic leggings post-birth.

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Smooth You Leggings, maternity wear for yoga

Smooth You Leggings

The integrated fold over skirt flatters thighs and bums and will make your bump feel extra secure.

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Mellow Hoody, maternity wear for yoga

Mellow Hoody

This loose fit, slouchy hoody is great for growing bumps. Made with super soft bamboo it's the perfect breathable layer to keep you cosy under your coat this winter, or over your yoga outfit when warming up.

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