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What yoga <br>means to me…

What yoga
means to me…

From de-stressing and grounding to energising and working up a sweat there are so many reasons to love yoga. We have asked some of our Asquith customers to tell us what yoga means to them in hopes of inspiring more people to get on the mat.

We would love to hear your thoughts so be sure to tell us why yoga is so important to you in the comment box below.

“Keeping me real” that’s my yoga summed up in 3 words. Yoga is my companion.
My dynamic practice during the years I worked hard and played hard in the banking world helped me to download and balance.
My gentle, restorative practice during pregnancy and early motherhood helped to restore inner harmony.
Now, my teaching practice encourages deeper self-exploration and inspires me to share and support others.”

Lindsey Porter
Instagram @yoganuu


“Yoga is happiness
Yoga is fun
Yoga is freedom
Yoga is a community
Yoga is health
Yoga is relaxation
Yoga is magic!

Yoga is my hobby turned into a career – I have met amazing people and have made great friends through yoga, it allows me to be an entertainer, a cheerleader, and an encourager to anyone who wants to feel better in mind, body and spirit.”

Claudia Brown
Instagram @yogabyclaudia


“Yoga has been a part of my life for so long now I cannot imagine my life without it. It helps me in my day to day life, keeps me grounded, steady and connected to those around me and far beyond. I have met great friends through yoga and even my family practice with me so it really has become a family affair! The more yoga in the world the better this world will be.”

Andrea Kwiatkowski
Instagram @mydogdoesyoga


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