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Playlists to make you feel wonderful!

Playlists to make you feel wonderful!

Feel wonderful with these playlists to suit every mood. From cooking to exercise, put your headphones in, turn up the volume and get ready to feel good.

Feel Wonderful While Cooking

By Alice Asquith, Founder and Creative Director

There's nothing better than cooking your favourite food with your favourite music on. From the old classics to Motown favourites this playlist really will make you feel wonderful!

Feel-good food + feel-good music = feel-good mood!

Listen Here

Feel Wonderful in Nature

By Amy, PR & Promotions

If 2020 has taught us anything, it's proved to us all just how much we can get from nature. From heading out on our hourly walk to practising yoga in the great outdoors, heighten your nature experience with this feel-good playlist that will make you think, ponder and reflect on the last year or so.

Listen here

Feel Wonderful While Moving

By Rosie, Digital Marketing

There's nothing like a killer playlist to keep you motivated, get you moving and boost your endorphins. This megamix of house beats, uplifting tempos and catchy tunes is our favourite way to get out of bed in the morning!

Listen Here

Feel Wonderful Doing Yoga

By Danielle, Social and Content

Not strictly for yoga, put this playlist on when you want to feel calm, connected and at one. With a gentle beginning and ending on a more energetic note, I promise you will feel well and truly wonderful after listening to this playlist.

Listen here

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