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Pilates for Pregnancy <BR> - <BR> By Pilates Teacher Korin Nolan

Pilates for Pregnancy
By Pilates Teacher Korin Nolan

This week we caught up with the lovely Korin Nolan, Pilates teacher, founder of Power Pilates UK and model of our super soft, super comfortable and super flexible maternity yoga & pilates clothes on our page to share many benefits of Pilates for pregnancy. Now over to Korin…

Korin Nolan Asquith Pregnancy Yoga Pants

I’m now in my third trimester of my third pregnancy and although I feel like I have been pregnant for an exceptionally long time (I say that because I had my daughter just two years ago, so it’s starting to feel like one very long pregnancy!) I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

For me, the main thing that has kept me going both physically and mentally is my fitness regime. I have worked out during this pregnancy between three- five times a week and do a mixture of weights and Pilates, to keep toned, strong and sane! Pilates provides so many benefits including:

  • Feeling more energised
  • To help aid sleep
  • To help prevent gestational diabetes
  • For a more peaceful mind
  • To prepare for labour
  • To make postnatal recovery easier

Pilates Teacher Korin Nolan wearing Asquith organic activewear

There are three main areas that you should target during pregnancy:


Many women suffer from lower back issues during pregnancy and strong glutes in particular can help support this area.


There’s often confusion between ‘abdominal exercises’ and ‘core exercises’. Whilst you should avoid ‘ab’ specific targeted exercises like ‘curl ups’, it’s important to work your coremuscles as these are the deep postural muscles that support the spine (which can again help with any aches and pains in the lower back) and connect to the pelvic floor – an essential support mechanism throughout pregnancy, birth and postnatal recovery.

Upper body

As our breasts become bigger, the shoulders can round forwards, which over stretches the upper back muscles making them long, and weak, resulting in aches and pains. This in turn shortens the muscles in the front of the chest (pecs) making them tight and again causing aches and pains. It’s therefore good to keep upper back muscles strong to promote good posture and stretch out the front of the chest.

Korin Nolan wearing Asquith organic yoga top

To discover more Pilates for pregnancy, pre and postnatal health and fitness tips check out @stronglikemumuk and head over to where you can download FREE trimester guides!

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