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International Women's Day <BR> Everyday

International Women's Day

As a brand for women run by a team of women, there is simply no better day than International Women’s Day although we don’t think one day is enough… Instead, we think being a woman should be something that is celebrated every day. We’re not talking about extreme feminism or being man-haters, but by simply supporting for your fellow girls you are helping to empower women everywhere, making all of us stronger together.

We wanted to remind you of some of the amazing women we have been lucky enough to meet and interview over the past year. If you need some inspiration then these girls are your new go-to’s…


Jo Wood

Jo Wood wears Asquith sustainable activewear

(Jo is wearing our organic Pilates pants, Dreamer Pants in navy and our organic Pilates top the Be Grace Batwing Top.)

Founder of Jo Wood Organics, author and Bee ambassador for friends of the earth

We sat down with Jo to discuss her favourite wellness tips, where she goes to switch off and why everyone should switch to all things organic.

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Anna Whitehouse

Anna Whitehouse is wearing Asquith sustainable activewear

(Anna is wearing our yoga top the Blissful Wrap and our yoga pants, the Divine Pants.) 

Founder of Mother Pukka, activist, author and radio host

We sat down with Anna to find out more about her work, her family and how she is raising the bar of work/life/balance for everyone.

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Sophie Conran

Sophe Conran is wearing Asquith sustainable activewear

Designer, businesswomen and all around creative powerhouse

We sat down with Sophie to ask her some burning questions from design to downward dog…

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Stephanie and Kristina 

Pollen and Grace founders Stephanie and Kristina are wearing Asquith sustainable activewear

Founders of Pollen and Grace

We chatted to the lovely ladies about startup life, healthy living and why working with your best friend is simply the best.

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 Megan Hine

Megan Hine wears Asquith sustainable activewear

Survival expert, survival consultant, author

We found out what life was like for action women Megan, whether she is jumping out a helicopter or simply walking her dog she is living proof that women can do anything.

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Liz Earle

Liz Earl wears Asquith sustainable activewear

Wellbeing entrepreneur, TV presenter and the number one bestselling author

Needing little introduction, we sat down with Liz to discuss all of our burning wellness questions and to find out more about her entrepreneurial career.

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Elisa Withers

Elisa Withers wears Asquith sustainable activewear

Founder of APPI (Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute)

We chatted to Elisa to find out more about her love for Pilates and how she started the extremely successful Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute.

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Lucy Sherwood

Lucy Sherwood wears Asquith sustainable activewear

Founder of Rock & Raw Jewellery

We sat down with Lucy to discuss all things jewellery and how she started her cult brand.

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Hilary Rowland

Hilary Rowland wears Asquith sustainable activewear

Model, fitness entrepreneur, co-founder of Boom Cycle

We caught up with Hilary to find out how she started an empire of spinning addicts.

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Allanna McAspurn

Allanna McAsoern wears Asquith sustainable activewear

Entrepreneur, senior advisor in sustainability, advisor and keynote speaker in ethical fashion, innovation and sustainability.

We had so many questions for Allanna. From ethical fashion to how to make a difference in the world find out what she had to say here…

Renée Elliot

Renee Elliot wears Asquith sustainable activewear

Author and founder of our favourite organic food store Planet Organic

We sat down with Renée to find out how she is bringing organic food to the masses.

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All our lovely ladies are wearing our sustainable activewear. You can shop their looks here… 

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