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Asquith Adores Nominee - Samaya

Asquith Adores Nominee - Samaya


Introducing SAMAYA a multi-award winning British brand revolutionising skincare with all natural, highly-functional and authentically holistic products made with Ayurvedic botanicals. SAMAYA is personalised by constitution type to help you achieve perfect balance. We sat down with the founder of SAMAYA Abida Halstenberg to find out a little more about the brand and why we think you should vote for them.

Can you tell us how/why you started your brand?

Having been born and brought up in India, I grew up surrounded by Ayurveda and natural remedies. My grandmother was a big influence as she fostered in me a passion for herbal beauty from a very early age. From the age of seven I have been mixing face packs with Ayurvedic ingredients! When I moved abroad life got busier and I looked for effective readymade products that were all-natural and Ayurvedic but also easy and pleasant to use. As I could not find what I was looking for, I decided to create a natural range that delivered functional benefits while providing holistic wellness.

We pride ourselves on making super soft ethical yoga clothes, if your brand had to be remembered for one thing, what would it be and why?

Delivering visible results without using ANY synthetics while imparting a tangible sense of tranquillity, based on your individual constitution (dosha type). No other brand owns this trio of benefits – functional, natural and holistic.



How do you ensure you stay on top of ethical/eco trends and ensure your brand is moving in the right direction as it constantly evolves?

Every single product in SAMAYA’s range is Vegan certified which means that we do not involve or contain any-animal derived ingredients in our products and have not been involved in animal testing for any of our products.

All our products are cruelty-free and Made in England in small batches in the countryside. We use only recyclable glass containers for all our products, including for our supplements. Our outer cartons are made of uncoated cardboard which are also recyclable and Made in England.

We stick to our values as we work on new products and never use unsustainable ingredients. For example, you will never find palm oil or any palm oil derivatives in our products.

If you could share one tip for someone who wants to live more ethically and sustainably in 2019 what would it be and why?

Avoid buying products in plastic containers. Most end up in landfills and our oceans are already teeming with plastic waste. Each of our actions really do make a difference.


What is your favourite product and why?

SAMAYA’s multi-award winning Pitta Hydrating cleanser, which was featured in Vogue earlier this year, is probably my favourite. The texture is magical. It resembles a cream but when massaged on to dry skin it melts into skin like an oil balm, penetrating deep to lift stubborn impurities and even removes waterproof eye-makeup. I usually use a damp muslin (‘hot cloth’) to remove the cleanser but sometimes use just warm water to rinse off the balm which turns into a milky emulsion when it comes into contact with water. So you don’t get that oily feeling but you don’t get that stripped feeling either.

And finally, is there anything you would like to share with our readers?

Know yourself and your constitution/dosha. Being self-aware will guide your choices so you can increase your wellbeing by understanding what aggravates you and what balances you. Understanding your unique constitution is the key to achieving wellness which is manifested in beautiful and healthy skin. You can find out your individual dosha in less than a minute here...




You can cast your vote for SAMAYA in the Asquith Adores Awards here...

Everyone who VOTES will be in with the chance of winning a £200 Gourmet Guide Restaurant Voucher

You can find out more about SAMAYA and their products here...

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