Product. Planet. People.

These three things are closest to our heart.

Designing classic, flattering and multi-functional collections.

Using the best quality, eco-friendly and super soft fabrics.

Ethically made in a Global Organic Textile Standard approved factory.

Read on to discover more about how we consciously produce our collections.

Mindful design

We started our journey in 2002, designing collections for yoga, Pilates and your everyday wardrobe. Back then, most activewear was logo-heavy and made with synthetic, chemical-laden fabrics. We wanted to create something different - clothes that are classic, versatile and made with naturally breathable, eco-friendly fabrics.


Multi-functionality is very important to us. Since we launched Asquith our collections have grown and developed, and whilst we now make everyday clothes, as well as activewear, each piece is made with longevity and versatility in mind. Designed to take you effortlessly from day to night, beach to bar, work to weekends and everywhere in between.

Feeling good

Most of all we want you to feel good wearing our clothes. We design pieces to flatter your body and comfort is our cornerstone, which leads us on neatly to our brilliant fabrics…

Exceptional eco fabrics

We make all of our clothing using bamboo and Bambor®, our trademarked performance fabric, which is a blend of bamboo, organic cotton and a small amount of Elasthane.

As in any production, our fabric has some environmental impact, but we are always looking at ways in which to keep this to a minimum. Bamboo has considerably less impact than most and we’re happy not to be contributing to the microbeads issue in the same way that synthetic polyester fabric does. Our organic cotton and bamboo fabrics are both from FSC certified, well-managed forests.

You can discover more about our fabrics here

Made to last

Most importantly our clothes last. We source the best quality, durable fabrics that don’t fade, stretch or get those annoying bobbles, which means you can wear them for longer – better for you and the environment.

We don’t have all the answers yet and we’re not perfect, but we’re doing our very best to get there, constantly striving for greater transparency throughout the entire supply chain.


There is, of course, no way round the fact that we are a business, which needs to package and deliver our clothing to our customers.

We are constantly looking at ways in which we can improve the recyclability of our packaging as well as reducing packaging waste and our carbon footprint.

We pack our clothes in polybags made with PVC free material and then post them in biodegradable mailing bags. These bags are made from a degradable plastic in which the degradation occurs naturally from microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, and / or algae.

Our postcards and catalogues are made from recycled paper. We are currently looking at recycled material for our swing tags and are testing a number of biodegradable garment bags.

Our products are shipped by sea and road.

Always ethically made

Our collections are responsibly made in a lovely, GOTS certified factory in sunny southern Turkey.

Established in 1997 by a wonderful Turkish businesswoman, the 50-strong team work 8.5 hours a day, have weekends off and paid holiday. Most of the employees have been there for 10-25 years and everyone is over 23 years old.

They have a fantastic cafeteria where they enjoy daily fresh lunches made with organic vegetables and salad grown on their own roof terrace. As you can imagine, everyone is very happy and we love visiting as often as we can.

Take a look around our factory here


We are huge advocates of flexible-working and creating a good work life balance for everyone who works for Asquith. Many of our employees have young children and fit their working hours around school. If people want to travel and take their laptop and work whilst they are away, we encourage that too. We believe we can recruit and retain outstanding, productive employees by offering flexible-working hours and remote working.