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Wow Woman<br> - <br> Lynne Robinson

Wow Woman
Lynne Robinson

Anyone who loves Pilates will recognise The Queen of Pilates herself, Lynne Robinson. Lynne is co-founder and director of Body Control Pilates, Europe’s largest professional body for Pilates teachers and the world’s top-selling Pilates author and presenter with her books and DVDs being sold in over 30 countries.

A long-standing Asquith fan, we couldn’t think of anyone better to be this month’s Asquith’s Wow Woman.


Favourite Pilates move?

Arm openings

Flat white or green tea?

Strong black (just to be awkward!)

Green juice or cocktail?

A green cocktail (apple vodka martini)

Summer or winter?

Summer (except Christmas)

City or countryside?

Countryside (except shopping)

Dancing or DVD?


Last meal?

Prawns and linguini

Da Vinci or Di Caprio?

Da Vinci, pure genius and a leftie

Charlotte Bronte or Caitlin Moran?


Vogue or National Geographic?


Angela Merkel or Hilary Clinton?


What never fails to make you smile?

My granddaughter Amy dancing

What character trait do you love in others?


What character trait do you loathe in others?


What are you most curious about in 2016?

How my granddaughter will develop as a character

What has been your favourite year so far and why?

1997 when our first book was published

And the worst year?

1989 when my grandmother, my uncle and my father died

Favourite book?

This was the toughest question to answer (a real Sophie’s Choice). It tends to be last book I read (A Year of Marvellous Ways was fab). But then I found The Four Agreements (Ancient Toltec wisdom) really helpful . I love The Hobbit and thoroughly enjoyed The Glass Room (Simon Mayer). Help!!!

Favourite film?

A Beautiful Mind

What’s your guilty pleasure?

The occasional afternoon power nap

If you were Prime Minister what would be top of your agenda?

Invest in ways to get people active, ads are not enough, we need stronger incentives and the fitness industry needs a boost.

A single piece of advice to the next generation of women?

I have a rule that has worked for me with regard to my diet, my exercise and my work : ‘Do first what you should and then what you would.’

Favourite piece of Asquith clothing?

Anything in Satsuma orange!

What is it about Asquith that you love?

Once you put the clothes on you can forget about them. You know they will look good whatever you are doing… in my case often rolling around the floor and going upside down.

Who would you most like to see wearing Asquith?

Kate Middleton

What do you love most about Pilates?

How it makes me feel after a class!

Who is your Wow Woman?

Elizabeth 1st (all our best monarchs were/are women)


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