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Wow Woman – Alice Asquith, Founder of Asquith

Wow Woman – Alice Asquith, Founder of Asquith

Our founder, Alice Asquith, has been a pioneer of working with natural fabrics since we launched our first pair of leggings back in 2002. Here, Alice shares her journey over the last 20 years and our plans for the next 20.

What motivated you to launch Asquith?

I was getting increasingly stressed working in TV and I was practicing yoga to switch off. The only clothes I could find for my practice were horribly synthetic sportswear in garish colours with big logos. And I wanted clothes in natural fabrics. I saw a gap in the market, and I’d always loved fashion (my mother had her own clothing label) so I thought what better chance to pursue my passion.

What did you do before you founded Asquith?

My first job was actually in television and music. I worked for the Jimi Hendrix estate which was an amazing experience. I then worked in the music business for years. And finally, as a researcher for the crime writer Lynda La Plante. It was a fascinating job. I got to work with inspirational actors and directors, on set and on scripts, but I didn’t feel it was my passion.


When my grandmother passed away very suddenly and left me some money and I thought, ‘Right, now is the right time to make a change.’ Back then, I was practicing yoga regularly, but I couldn’t find any bamboo yoga clothes to wear. All sportswear at the time was very synthetic and I hated the feeling of those fabrics against my skin.


I decided then and there to start my own clothing label for yoga, Pilates and living in - made from natural fabrics, skin, and planet friendly fabrics.

Alice wears the Dreamer Pants in Shadow/Shell (available from April) and the Long Sleeved Batwing in Dusky Pink.





Why is sustainability so important to you?

I grew up respecting nature and the planet. My parents kept hens, grew all our flowers and veg. My mother and grandmother made all our clothes. They made all their clothes too. Nothing went to waste. The jacket I’m wearing in this photo was a dress my grandmother made for herself. She then re-cut it into a skirt and jacket, which is now about 60 years old. The quality of the fabric has lasted and that’s the same for Asquith. I design pieces to love and to last.

What does sustainability mean to Asquith?

It means we try to leave the smallest impact on the environment that we can. We focus on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet these needs.


I personally care deeply about how we make everything and its impact on the environment. And at Asquith we respect nature and the natural world around us, starting with our plant-based fabrics that are ethically made in our ethical factories.


We’re the opposite of fast fashion. Our supply chain supports responsible production, from raw material to our finished, super soft clothes. We make clothes that last in quality fabrics, so women buy better and buy less.

Alice wears the Halcyon Dress in Navy (available from April).


Favourite collection from the last 20 years?

Spring/Summer 2022 of course! I love the prints and the colour palette. I’ve designed many new styles that I know people will love to wear, including our No Limit woven pants in Tencel, the softest woven organic cotton shirt (both available in April) and some new bamboo yoga leggings that I hope you will love.


They’re truly versatile, elegant pieces that’ll take you anywhere.


What does good design mean to you?

Good design is creating something that will be beautiful and be of value for somebody else. Useful, long lasting, and sustainable. A great design always lasts the test of time.


Where do you get your design inspiration from?

I’m constantly inspired by nature, the change of the seasons, plants, flowers, and the clouds but I am also incredibly inspired by art, galleries, books and looking to vintage fashion and history to inspire us to move forwards. My favourite go-t places to get inspired are the V&A museum, regents park and the seaside of course.

Alice wears the Favourite Shirt in Shell and the No Limit Pants in Slate (both available from April).


If you could only live in one item of Asquith clothing, what would it be and why?

Our Live Fast Pants. They’re made from our natural performance fabric, Bambor®, which holds you in and feels amazing on. They feature flattering seam detailing, have straight legs, and they are long enough for me (I’m very tall). I wear them for yoga but also out and about with trainers.

Alice wears the Hoody in Navy and our bamboo yoga leggings, the Flow With It Leggings in Japanese Floral.


How do you ensure the Asquith brand always stays true to its core values?

Consistent quality. From my mother and grandmother, I learned the importance of quality fabrics and elegant, multifunctional designs. And I always ask myself ‘is this style fit for purpose?’ Does it flatter the wearer?’ Quality is at the core of everything we do, service, fabrics, collections.

Alice wears the Peace Vest in Tropical and the Palazzo Pants in Slate.


What makes you feel wonderful?

Creating our Asquith community; working with yoga and Pilates teachers and amazing women, to support our customers; offering yoga classes, nutritional advice, and mental and physical health tips. We’ve had such great feedback about this and I am so proud that we have been able to support our community especially over the past couple of years.

Why yoga?

Yoga is my switch off button. It gives me time to unwind to connect with my breathing and to calm my often-busy mind. I meditate twice daily and have done for over 12 years, but yoga is a flowing, calming physical practice for me. It keeps me feeling energised and strong but also relaxed it really is the best thing for the mind and the body

Alice wears the Calm Wrap in Japanese Floral. The Flow With It Leggings and the Jump To It Vest in Navy.


What is the most important thing you have learned in the last 20 years?

It sounds cheesy but trust your instincts and go with your gut. It very rarely lets you down. And always believe in yourself and what you’re doing.

Alice wears the Hoody in Navy and the Flow With It Leggings in Japanese Floral.


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