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Five wellness brands you need to follow

Five wellness brands you need to follow

We love stumbling across new and exciting wellness brands. From our new favourite water bottle to the supplements you need post workout, discover our list of the best wellness brands and people you need to be trying this February.



Smell is a powerful tool, which is why ESYM has created a new concept for aromatherapy on the go. Their portable scent pod allows you to carry your favourite blend with you wherever you go. All ESYM scents are made from 100% natural essential oils that have been arranged in ways to benefit your health. Perfect for when you need an instant boost of energy, a breath of fresh air or something to help you calm your nerves.



The design for Glacce bottles came to founder Sharon Leslie in a dream after she struggled to find a way to drink her crystal infused water on the go. Each elegantly deigned Glacce bottle is made from glass and stainless steel and features an obelisk-like quartz crystal in the middle to infuse water with healing, soothing and positive energies. With a choice of crystals find the one to suit your busy lifestyle here.



Lifestyle brand founded by wellness entrepreneur Gweneth Paltrow has it’s roots in content across six key categories Wellness, Travel, Food, Beauty, Style, and Work. From the best in organic beauty to family friendly recipes and cutting edge wellness inspiration, spend some time browsing through their many posts – perfect for long commutes or when you need some inspiration. Find out more here...


Four Sigma

Medicinal mushrooms are having a moment in 2018 and it’s easy to see why. Boasting a multitude of benefits from helping the immune system to boosting energy, there’s a mushroom for everyone which is why we love these supplements from mushroom experts Four Sigma. Cleverly designed with coffee or cacao so they can be taken on the go, just add a sachet to hot water or your favourite plant based milk. Try Cordyceps before an intense workout or Lions Mane as an alternative to your morning coffee. Get your mushroom fix here.


Xochi Balfour

Holistic wellness guide and Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist Xochi Balfour is our go-to when we need some inspiration. Her delicious, healthy recipes intertwined with her knowledge on mindfulness, women’s health and living life to it’s best can all be found on her website ‘The Naturalista’.

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