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Our Guide to Sustainable Travel this Summer

Our Guide to Sustainable Travel this Summer

There is nothing better than packing your passport and escaping it all but of course travel does come with its cons and one of the greatest is the effect that travelling has on the planet. 

With air travel becoming more affordable and fast fashion brands latching on to every travel trend, it can be hard to see the light through the tunnel which is why we want to share with your our top tips for travelling sustainably and showing you that there is a way to explore the world the right way.

Planes = Plastic

Stop for a minute and think about how many single use plastic pieces are used per person on a single flight.


From the security bag to the headphones let alone the food tray, make a list of all the plastic touch points on your journey and take a re-usable alternative.


Bring your own clear plastic bag, pack a lunch, bring a water bottle, always use your own headphones and bring a scarf that you can double up as a blanket on chilly long haul flights.



It might take some time to get all of this together but once you do there's no going back.




Travel by train

We're so lucky that we can visit most places via train in Europe. From the Eurostar to Interrailing, it's a cheaper more eco-friendly way to explore new places and best of all you feel fresh up on arrival.


Travel with a purpose

You might be going half way across the world but that doesn't mean you can't help out in the local community once you get there.


Whether it's as simple as litter picking on your nearest beach to getting involved in local charities that help in the area, there's always a way to help people and the planet if you look hard enough.



Here are a couple of our favourite causes;.



Pack For A Purpose


Surfers Against Sewage






Avoid the allure of fast fashion

As we don't get that much sunshine in the UK our summer wardrobe only makes up about 20% of the clothes that we wear so avoid buying new pieces and invest in quality timeless pieces that last season to season, year to year.

Our eco-friendly, ethical activewear makes for a great option. Not only are the fabrics better for the planet but they're super soft, super comfortable and most importantly long lasting plus their antibacterial properties mean they work amazingly for long haul journeys.


Our bamboo is grown in an FSC certified, well-managed forests and our organic cotton is GOTS certified – ethically grown, chemical-free and responsibly manufactured so you can feel good whatever activity you're doing.

Find out more about our ethical yoga clothes here...


Get the whole family involved

Make fun activities about travelling sustainably, from creating games like 'who picks up the most rubbish' to who uses the least plastic on your trip. Make a challenge out of it and get the whole family on a plastic free mission.

The more the merrier we always say!




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