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Our guide to the best sustainable fitness tips this summer

Our guide to the best sustainable fitness tips this summer

Like many of you, we're jetting off on our Summer holidays over the next few weeks but it doesn't come without us thinking of the impact that our flights and holiday plans have on the environment.

Whilst we're away Team Asquith are doing everything they can to be as sustainable as possible. From packing all the eco-friendly tools we need to stay waste free on our journey to using biodegradable and package-free toiletries as much as we can. Whilst we are away we also want to keep up with our fitness routines so we thought what better place to share with you our top tips for staying fit sustainably. Whether you want to take your practice with you or get hiking a sandy beach trail here are our top 5 tips for sustainable fitness this Summer.

Get Outside

It may seem obvious but it's the best thing you can do for yourself and for the planet.


With aircon blasting, music playing and electronic machines, gyms use a lot of electricity to keep going so skip the treadmill and breathe in the fresh air in the great outdoors.





Go Plogging!

A mix of the Swedish work 'plocka' to pick and jogging, ploggers pick up rubbish while they run.


Particularly good if you are doing a beach jog. Take a canvas bag and get litter picking to protect the wildlife that may suffer if it's just left there.

Master the five-minute shower (or less if you can).

There's no need to stay in the shower for an hour after a sweaty workout.


Get in, get out, and get on with your day. You can also save water whilst turning off the shower when lathering your hair or your body.


Every action counts even if it's as small as turning off your shower for a few seconds.



Go green with your activewear.

All of our ethical activewear is made with the eco-friendly fabrics organic cotton and bamboo.

Both fabrics have way less impact on the environment than their synthetic counterparts.


Our bamboo is grown in an FSC certified, well-managed forest and our organic cotton is GOTS certified – ethically grown, chemical-free and responsibly manufactured so you can feel good whatever activity you are going.

Find out more about our ethical yoga clothes here...


Think before you drink.

We know, we know we've said this many times before but until we see plastic bottles banned we are not going to stop.

Treat yourself to a reusable, refillable water bottle.




There are so many pretty designs out there and so many places to re-fill. Pret a Manger, for example, have just launched filtered water stations in all of their stores, so there's no excuse exercising or not.




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