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Sun Salutations <br> - <br> By Yoga Teacher Sam Stone [film]

Sun Salutations
By Yoga Teacher Sam Stone [film]

We caught up with Yoga Teacher Sam Stone to show us how to perform a sun salutation. The perfect way to embrace the sunny weather and get ready for the day ahead!

The Sun Salutation is yoga’s most famous vinyasa (sequence) and for good reason! It’s a fantastic all-round vinyasa as it works all the major muscle groups in the body and builds heat and energy. Some styles of yoga use it as a warm up, others use it as the basis for longer sequences in a flowing practice but you can also do it on its own if you’re short on time and want to get your body moving, and when the sun comes out, there’s no better place than to take your mat outside and perform it in the fresh air (and salute the sun for real!)

In this short video I demonstrate the postures in the sequence then run through it again to show you how to link it to your own breath. If you are new to exercise, make sure you are cleared with your GP and, if you are new to yoga, I would always recommend getting to a local class with a qualified teacher who can give you tailored advice for your own body’s needs.

As with every yoga practice, the aim is to tune into your body and make the adjustments that feel right for you. Be gentle with yourself, don’t rush it and remember to breathe!

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