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Rasberry Ripple Bars <br> By Madeleine Shaw

Rasberry Ripple Bars
By Madeleine Shaw

Pretty in pink, these raspberry ripple bars look great but taste even better! Perfect for serving up as dessert or for keeping in the fridge ready for those moments when only something sweet will do.

Serves 10


150g of  desiccated  coconut

100g of cashew butter

4 tbsp. of coconut oil

2 tbsp. of almond milk

100g of frozen raspberries

4 tbsp. of honey or maple syrup

1 tsp of vanilla extract

150g dark chocolate for topping


Mix everything apart from the chocolate together in a food processor then place in a lined  baking tray and  frezee for an hour.

Melt the  chocolate on a low heat. Cut the frozen mix into bars and dip them into the chocolate then place in  the fridge to set.

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