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Our favourite shows to binge watch in isolation

Our favourite shows to binge watch in isolation

We all have a little more time on our hands, so we have rounded up our top picks for some serious binge watching to help you get through the next few months...

Comedies to make you laugh

They say laughter is the best medicine, so give these shows a go and we guarantee you'll be feeling better in no time.

Gavin & Stacey: Gavin & Stacey is one of the most popular comedies ever on British TV, so indulge yourself with this wonderful collection of British Characters from Essex and Wales.

Absolutely Fabulous: This absolute classic needs no description but the entire back catalogue is now available to binge on the BBC.

The Good Place: Starring Kristen Bell, Jameela Jamil and Ted Danson this comedy is all about the 'afterlife'. Ted Danson is the architect of a heaven where only worthy and good people are supposed to be. Kristen Bell ends up there accidently and sets off a raft of problems with much hilarity.

Flowers: Starring Olivia Coleman this surreal, dark sit com features high quality acting from one of our favourite actors. Immerse yourself in the misadventures of a rather eccentric family.

New Girl: This feel-good comedy stars Zooey Deschanel and is essentially an up to date 'Friends'. A quirky teacher moves in with three male friends in a loft in LA and the rest is history.






Shows for the kids

We have rounded up the best shows for your little ones to keep them distracted whilst you get on with your tasks for the day.

Word Party: 2-5 years old. Learn while they watch with this educational and entertaining show.

Ask The Storybots: 3-7 years old. This show packs education and catchy songs into its show and it is a great learning resource.

The Magic Schoolbus: 3- 6 years old. A classic show reinvented for 2020. A magic school bus goes off on an adventure every episode and discovers new places and new things to learn.

Storybots Super Songs: 3-7 years old. Songs on a range of topics that will have your little ones entertained for hours.

Sofia The First: 4-8 years old. All about being a princess in today's world. Sofia is a normal girl who becomes a princess but remains grounded, strong and super inspiring.

Our Planet: 5 years+. This lovely Docu-series on animal life and natural wonders will be a hit with kids and adults of all ages.

Horrible Histories: 7-10 years old. Amazing and engaging stories written about different historical ages, fun and educational at the same time.




Binge worthy TV

Breaking Bad: Drugs, money and family, stick with this show for truly spectacular TV watching. Superb script writing and acting, it won 110 awards during the time it was on air, including 16 Emmys and 2 Golden Globes.

How To Get Away With Murder: Did he do it? Didn't he do it? This show is based on true life events and will have you screaming at the TV.

Sex Education: British teen comedy with the brilliant Gillian Anderson playing a sex therapist with a geeky, socially awkward son. Very funny and educational at the same time

Blue Planet: Little introduction is needed to this incredible series. Amazing videography, educational on so many levels and it really makes you value the precious world we live in.

Mad Men: An absolute treat to watch for the amazing sets and costumes alone. Set in a 1960s and 1970s in an American ad agency, it's a fascinating insight into lives in that era and how the world has changed. Don Draper, the lead character is brilliantly played - you can't work out whether to love him or hate him.




Documentaries to get hooked on

Stacey Dooley: Down to earth, honest and real, we love all of Stacey's documentaries. From heading out to meet women in the most dangerous place in the world, to filming in jail to understand lifers. All of her docs are a must-watch for adults and teenagers alike.

The Innocence Files: All about the American justice system and just how wrong it can be. This doc follows the non for profit 'Innocence Project' as they set about releasing men and women who have been falsely imprisoned, sometimes for up to 30 years. Heartbreaking and educational a must see!

Cheer: This doc has it all, laughter, tears and a whole load of team spirit. Cheerleading is no longer about waving pom poms in the air, think of a hybrid between professional gymnastics, acrobatics, dance and team work. This doc follows the number one cheerleading squad in America to their win at the National Cheer Championships, if you're not crying at the end of this, we don't what to say.

Bikram. Yoga. Guru. Predator: A fascinating look into the world of Bikram yoga and it's founder. How he created a movement and where he went so terribly wrong.




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