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Our Collection was featured in The Independent

Our Collection was featured in The Independent

'This is a brand that truly cares, both about its customers and the planet. The clothes are not cheap, but you really do get what you pay for here, and when it comes down to comfort, confidence and choosing a brand that’s giving back, it really is a no-brainer.'


We were so excited to see our collection was featured in The Independent.


Be Grace Batwing

'I was also really impressed with the length as it covered some of my other not-so squat-proof leggings (which, I hasten to add are not from Asquith).'


High-waisted leggings

'So, when I saw that Asquith had brought out some high-waisted leggings – after many, many requests from other customers – you know I had to give them a go. And reader, these are the leggings I’ve been dreaming of.' ''They’re soft, yet still wick away sweat, and the waistband is *chefs kiss*. Thank you Asquith, my prayers have been answered and I would like a pair in every colour.''



''They’re a truly transformative trouser that will take your from morning to night, no questions asked. 'These are a pair of pants I can truly live my best life in.'


Peace Bra

'As a proud member of the bigger-bust community, I’m always sceptical of bras without a band – they just don’t do anything for me in terms of support or coverage normally – but Asquith’s peace bra has blown that out of the water.' 'There’s definitely some kind of wizadry in this bra, but I am here for it.'



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