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One Tree Planted For Every Purchase Made

One Tree Planted For Every Purchase Made

We are so excited to have recently joined the Ecologi family and to join them on their incredible journey to reduce carbon emissions!

Since we launched in 2002, we have always made sure that giving back is an integral part of our business, and most importantly, that everything is as planet-friendly as possible. Here you can find out more about our new eco partner and why we have decided to join the Ecologi family.






Ecologi is a truly inspiring organisation that makes a first-hand impact by working with local projects to reduce and remove our hefty carbon footprint. Their goal is to reduce half the world's emissions by 2040, and have so far planted 43.3 million trees and reduced 1.9 million tonnes of carbon.

Their work includes planting trees, investing in clean energy and funding climate positive projects. Their projects are based all over the world and help the local communities in Uganda, Kenya, Madagascar and Mozambique.


Tree planting - One of the best ways to reduce our carbon footprint and reverse ecological damage is by planting trees. Ecologi works with a group of amazing planting partners who plant each and every tree for them all over the world. By supporting their local initiatives, Ecologi also supports the local communities and workers, by reinvesting in community projects such as clean water and forest protection.

For every one of your orders, one tree will be planted.


Carbon reduction projects - Their carbon reduction projects support a range of schemes that are certified gold standard by the Verified Carbon Standard. This means we can be sure that their money is helping to fund these projects directly.


Ecologi is growing, They have impressive plans for expanding their goals. They are aiming to reduce 50% of global CO2 emissions by 2040 and plant billions of trees every year - we are so excited that you, our loyal customers and we are a part of this incredible journey.

For every purchase you make with us at Asquith, from every bamboo top to every pair of bamboo pants, each one helps us to get one step closer to this goal!

Discover more about Ecologi here…


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