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My "12Days" Cleanse + 20% Discount on all Chris James Mind Body Products

My "12Days" Cleanse + 20% Discount on all Chris James Mind Body Products

In a moment of madness I deemed that December (month of much merriment and indulgence) would be the perfect time to attempt Chris James’s “12Days” internal cleanse. And before you could say ‘mince pie’ the box arrived at my door.


Just to clarify, I am no stranger to a detox (I have done juice fasting for a week three times) but I have not done one for over five years and never in my own home, living my day-to-day life. I get my five a day, yes, but I eat toast, drink tea and enjoy sugar most afternoons. I don’t drink enough water and drink nearly every weekend. But with 10 pounds of extra baby weight and my ‘baby’ turning three the next month, December seemed as good a time as any.

I opened the box and looked at the many, many pills I would be consuming and then opened the booklet and read about the many, many foods that would not be passing my lips for the next 12 festive days. No meat, fish, dairy, wheat, sugar, caffeine or alcohol – ho, ho, ho.

The good news for all of you thinking about doing this detox was I unbelievably surprised by how easy the first six days were.

There are so many things that you can eat when you really look into it. Being a creature of habit and making it easier for myself, my diet chiefly consisted of:

Breakfast – hot water and lemon juice followed by gluten free porridge with almond milk and blueberries – delicious.
Snacks – fruit, raw vegetables and hummus – what I would eat normally anyway (minus the Maltesers)
Lunch – vegan salads or vegetable soups
Supper – quinoa or wholegrain rice with veggies
And water. Water, water everywhere – I have never drunk so much.

By the end of the six days I could feel a change. I was very alert, my skin and eyes were clear. I was definitely lighter and I could feel it. Not being full of carbs, sugar and caffeine felt good! I am a terrible sleeper; not being able to get to sleep or often waking in the middle of the night and this diet eliminated that. I was sleeping for seven hours plus straight as soon as my head hit the pillow– absolute bliss!

The next three days was liquid only. Smoothies, juices and soups. This was tougher. Yes I had done it before, but drinking juice on a sun lounger somewhere hot surrounded by people also doing the fast is a lot easier than a rainy London backdrop. Watching everyone eat a Sunday roast around me whilst I drank a green juice was a low point! But I felt amazing after and I still had bags of energy – working was not a problem at all. Everyone said I looked really healthy and my skin was glowing.

I had the colonic on the last day of the three-day juice only days, followed by a bath using the Buddhi bath salts and I felt like a new woman – a real feeling of lightness and health. I was also half a stone lighter, which although not the chief point of the cleanse, was a very welcome side effect!

The last three days were a breeze, being allowed vegan food again; I even ate out at a Chinese restaurant with no issues at all. I did however find myself craving meat – it was the only thing I had missed and I was surprised as I thought it would be sugar. It confirmed that I could never personally be a vegetarian.

I also learnt:

There is NO need to eat my daughter’s leftovers!

I feel so much better drinking more water – a habit I must develop, the Irish in me can’t quite let go of the tea.

Dates are surprisingly satisfying if you need something sweet in the afternoon.

You are spoilt for choice in big cities. Living near a Whole Foods helped when I was working as they have so many pre-prepared vegan lunches I could just pop in and buy. You need to be more organised if you don’t have this in order to make it enjoyable, so some Tupperware and a juicer is essential.

I would 100% do the “12Days” cleanse again and would strongly recommend anyone to try it for themselves. My body felt cleansed, lighter and happier and re-established a healthier way of living for me. Just puts you back on the path again if you have been under exercising and over eating in recent times! So, with the New Year upon us now would be a perfect opportunity to do it – you won’t regret it!

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