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Mothers Day Yoga <br> - <br> By Mother Daughter yoga teachers Wendy and Tara Jacob

Mothers Day Yoga
By Mother Daughter yoga teachers Wendy and Tara Jacob

The tradition of passing on continues, with many mothers and daughters attending classes together and discovering a deeper connection through yoga.

Both Wendy and her daughter Tara have taken this one step further by teaching classes together and running a successful teacher training school in the beautiful City of York. We caught up with the mother/daughter duo to share with us how they work together as a team and how yoga has improved their relationship!wendy-jacob-WEB-086

What is your first yoga memory? Did your mother/daughter have something to do with this?

Wendy: My first experience of yoga was really an accident. I was always interested in movement and fitness and went to what I thought was going to be an aerobics class. It turned out to be a yoga class and it was an awakening experience that has led me to where I am today. There are many doors into yoga and social media is having a big influence. We all need to find an entry point and this encourages people to take the first step and who knows where this might lead?

Tara: From an early age I remember my Mum going to yoga classes and practicing at home. Mum took me to my first yoga class when I was 14 and we still practice regulary together today.

What do you love most about working with your mother/daughter?

Wendy: It is lovely to have time together sharing something that we both love.

Has working together made your relationship stronger?

Wendy: We both have independent lives, but it has created a deep bond and understanding. Knowing that you have each others support is valuable and it ensures that we carve out time in a busy world to cherish and nurture what is important in life.

Tara: Yes! It’s really great to be able to share something that we are both so passionate about.

What inspires you most about your mother/daughter?

Wendy: Her warmth, kindness and stamina!

Tara: Her energy and commitment to her yoga practise.

If you could hand one piece of wisdom down to the next generation of women what would it be?
We are all in the centre of a hurricane of advice and influences. News travels fast and it is easy to become part of this frenzy, feeling that you need to keep up. In yoga we sometimes talk about goals, such as clarity and calm. Often these are there already, just hidden under a torrent of activity in the brain and around us. My advice is ‘less is more’. Maybe a cliche’ but wisdom is rarely original!

Do you think more mothers/daughters should work together?
They say you should not work with family or friends but I think it depends on who you are and what you do. Yoga isn’t work for us and yoga philosophy encourages acceptance and tolerance so we say Absolutely!

How would you advise beginner yogis to get practicing with their
Find a class! Buy your mother or daughter a beautiful Asquith top and get on the mat!

What are you doing to celebrate mothers day?
We have a yoga teacher-training day and will be working with other mothers and daughters who are starting their yoga teaching journey to move forward and share their love of yoga.



Both Wendy and Tara also teach yoga for pregnancy classes and Tara specialises in holistic and pregnancy massage and facials. Find out more here.

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