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Lessons From Our Mothers

Lessons From Our Mothers

We know that Mother’s Day can mean different things to different people. Whether you’re a mother, you miss your mother or you are lucky enough to be spending today with her, we want to love and celebrate our mothers today and every day.

Our Mothers...

Here we share our favourite things that we have learnt from our Mums. From keeping a tidy house to being kind to one another, we hope these life lessons inspire you as much as they have inspired and made us…

Alice Asquith, Founder and Creative Director

Treat everyone equally and how you’d like to be treated. My mother was amazingly warm, open, kind and friendly to everyone who crossed her path; the person at the post office, her children, someone she greeted in the street. Everyone was greeted with warmth and friendliness.

Gut health is everything. My mother studied nutrition. And way before it was fashionable we were taught at a young age to respect our guts and feed them with nutritious whole foods. She also used to say very seriously, whilst looking right into our eyes - “ Sugar is a drug”. It was annoying when as a child we wanted to eat sweets. But, she’s right. In moderation, I eat chocolate, and it’s fine, but sugar is a drug and not good for you in quantity and has zero nutritional value. Her catchphrase for desert was always “an orange will do nicely”.

It is a gift to be able to express yourself creatively. Always trust your creativity.

Tolerance of other people. You never know what awful things have happened to people so forgive them if they’re mean and rude.

My mother had her own clothing line. She and my Grandmother made all of our clothes growing up. Vintage tweeds, liberty prints and the softest cotton fabrics - it was ‘sustainable fashion’ before ‘sustainable fashion’ was a thing. Both my mother and my grandmother inspire the Asquith collections and I know our bamboo yoga clothing wouldn’t have been the same if it were not for them teaching me about details, fabrics and elegant, flattering shapes.

Alice Tyler, Social Media Executive

If you’ve done your best, you’ve done everything you can do. My mum has always supported me in everything I’ve done, and she’s always taught me that whatever the outcome if you’ve done your absolute best that’s all that matters. We have so much power, but we can’t control everything.

Trust your gut. Trust your intuition.

Being an empath is a superpower. It’s not always easy to be there for people and take their struggles to heart, but it is a gift, and you should always embrace it (like she always has). My mum is the kindest, most compassionate person I know.

Sing. LOUDLY and proudly. Even if you get all the words wrong, which she usually does.

Bunty Stokes, Managing Director

This photo of my Mum and I was taken only hours after giving birth to me. My Mum is soo stylish and young in spirit and mind, she often gets mistaken as a sister.


She has always had a passion for fashion and interiors and could turn her hand to anything. I think that’s why I have ended up with a career in fashion and have an interest in art and interior design. She would often turn to the sewing machine, making outfits for me and my sister or running up some new curtains. I can’t say I have her creative flare but I really admire people who do and enjoy exploring my creative side when I get a chance.


Open home and open heart: My Mum is a great host and cook, whether that is preparing a fabulous banquet or rustling up a feast – always fresh, always homemade and always prepared from the heart. Growing up, we’d often have impromptu gatherings and this is something I have inherited from her – I love a full house and looking after friends and family.


Strength, determination and perseverance. My Mum is so strong and has had to navigate some real life challenges. She has overcome so much but still looks forward. This strength of character has taught me that Life is full of ups and downs, without downs there are no ups. Power through the downs and relish the ups.
Danielle Close, Marketing Manager

My mum is a real character. The word ‘jazzy' describes her down to a T. A dancer, gymnast and sports teacher with a creative flair and a way with words that has definitely rubbed off on me.


She taught me to be organised, to always write things down and to be proud of my home.


She is extremely empathetic and sensitive but in the best way. Teaching me to care for and treat others how I would like to be treated.


She taught me that it’s ok to treat yourself. Self-care is paramount whether that is having your hair done or eating that last bit of cake - just do it!
Frankie Mortley, Marketing Assistant

This is one of my favourite pictures of my mum, she looks so cool!

Creating a welcoming household has been something I’ve grown up watching my mother build. She has created not only a loving home for our family but also a space for our friends, welcoming everyone into our home with open arms and AMAZING food!

My mother has always encouraged and supported my creativity, through dance, art and even singing (even though I wasn’t very good at the singing part). She taught me to express myself freely and has been by my side every step of the way.

Finding humour in every situation is definitely my mum's strong suit, it’s the thing I love most about her. From her endless sarcasm to strongly sticking to her role as cat in the hat on Halloween, she is always up for a good laugh.

P.s. A foam roller will fix all of your problems.

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