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Tree Pose <br> - <br> by Yoga Teacher Sam Stone [film]

Tree Pose
by Yoga Teacher Sam Stone [film]

It’s all about balance! We caught up with Yoga Teacher Sam Stone as she shares how you can improve your balance by practicing the Vrksasana (tree pose).

In this short video I’m going to demonstrate how you can perform vrkasana (tree pose), a one-legged standing balance that has a number of health benefits.

Balances are some of the best yoga poses to perform to improve your strength and help to keep you fit and young because, as we age, our balance tends to deteriorate, which can become dangerous when we are elderly.

Balancing uses a lot of muscles, not just the major ones but our core muscles too and a range of smaller ones, which work hard to stabilise us. You may not realise it but even as you walk your muscles are performing little micro-movements to adjust to the terrain to keep you upright (there are a lot of messages going between your body and your brain every time you take a step!).

By performing tree pose you are building muscle strength and muscle memory to improve your balance, especially in your feet, ankles and legs.

In this short video I’ll talk you through the tree pose variations you can perform depending on your balance today. There’s a gentle version for if you’re feeling wobbly and, if you’re a pro you can always up the challenge by closing your eyes!

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