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How we make our bamboo clothes

How we make our bamboo clothes

From plant to pants, find out how we make our bamboo activewear here...

Did you know bamboo uses less water and makes more oxygen than hardwood trees? Historically bamboo has been an important part of the lives of millions of people, primarily being used for shelter, food, furniture and medicine. Today it provides housing to about 15% of the world's population - over 1 billion people.

It also survived the Hiroshima atomic bomb and other natural disasters proving just how resilient this grass (bamboo is actually a type of grass) is.

We love bamboo because it grows very quickly making it a renewable source, it helps to control greenhouse gasses, there is very little waste and it's antibacterial, breathable and super-soft making it a great choice for our eco-friendly clothing.

We put together this little animation to show you just how we make our eco-friendly activewear.

You can find out more about our fabrics and our latest collection here...

Bamboo is SO much better for the planet

It takes 2,720 litres of water to make one non-organic cotton t-shirt! The fashion industry uses about 90 billion litres of water annually from growing crops to washing, treating and dyeing the fabrics.

One of the many reasons we love bamboo is because it uses very little water and because it's cut rather than uprooted it's better for soil irrigation and health.

Bamboo is better for the environment

Bamboo absorbs twice as much carbon dioxide as hardwood trees and it releases up to 35% more oxygen.

Bamboo grows very fast

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world. It grows to its full size in 3-4 months compared to other trees that can take up to 30+ years to grow.

It's self-regenerating and can continuously be harvested without causing damage to the soil.

Bamboo grows naturally

Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial meaning it doesn't require any fertilisers or pesticides or herbicides to grow.

To make our bamboo activewear we...

Harvest the plant and break it down into small fibres...

Then we...

Soak and soften the fibres to create a pulp.

The pulp is then turned into long fibres.

These long fibres are then spun into yarn and knitted into to the cloth which makes our super-soft bamboo clothes.

Ta da!

Our bamboo activewear is born.

Super-soft, durable, breathable, anti-bactierial, sweat wicking, the list goes on and on...

There are so many reasons to love bamboo especially when it comes to sustainable activewear.

You can find our more about our fabrics and our bamboo Pilates and bamboo yoga clothes here.

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