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Look after your sustainable fabrics <br> sustainably!

Look after your sustainable fabrics

The most important part of our collection is our eco-friendly fabrics. We pride ourselves on using the best quality bamboo and organic cotton in our clothes but there is often a misconception with eco-friendly fabrics and bamboo yoga clothes and that is how do you wash them?
The simple answer is they can be washed like most of the clothes you have in your wardrobe but as we believe in preserving the environment check out these top tips for washing your sustainable fabrics sustainably…

– Always wash on 30 degrees or less. Not only does this make your clothes last longer but it’s also more environmentally friendly

– Use eco friendly washing powder. The water from our machines leads directly back into the eco-system so it’s important to use a natural, eco-friendly washing liquid. Try this plant based laundry liquid from Ecover.

– Flat dry your clothes. High temperatures caused by dryers can shrink clothes and reduce their life span not to mention the amount of energy used for one cycle. Try to avoid using the dryer especially throughout the summer months when clothes will dry quickly in the fresh air. Our clothes dry best when they are flat dried and not hung on hangers, as you don’t want to risk stretching them.

– Wear them until they are dirty. Don’t wash your things until its necessary. Our society is on a keep clean overdrive, obviously if you have had sweaty class it’s advisable to wash your clothes but as bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial think again before you put them in the machine if they are not truly dirty. It will save money and the environment will thank you for it.

In the world of fast fashion we want our clothes to last for a long time so taking these few simple steps will ensure your Asquith gear lasts and lasts so you can enjoy wearing our Pilates and yoga clothes for many years to come!

Check out our eco-friendly bamboo and organic cotton collection here.


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