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Five Wellness products you need this Autumn

Five Wellness products you need this Autumn

September brings a natural shift of new beginnings. A change of season, a change of temperature and a new start especially for those going back to school. To mark this fresh start in our calendar year we have listed 5 of the best wellness products you need to help you stay healthy, strong and well this Autumn.


Foam Roller

As wellness products go, this is one of the most effective when used everyday

Lauren Roxburgh Foam Roller

Long days at a desk or in the office mean we don’t move as much as we would like to. This can also have a detrimental effect on our muscles, lymphatic system and our posture. We like to fit in at least 5 minutes of foam rolling a day to loosen up tight muscles, stretch out and release the fascia and help to wind down after a long day. Alignment and Foam Roller expert Lauren Roxburgh is our go to for videos and inspiration.


Air Purifier

Our must have wellness product for long term effects.

Dyson Air Purifier

Did you know pollutants such as cleaning products can now make our indoor environments up to 5x worse than outside which is why we are obsessed with the Dyson Air Purifier collection. Not only do they look stylish but they work efficiently to capture pollutants, allergens and gases and their air multiplying technology means you breathe in fresh air all day long. Perfect for home offices, kitchens or anywhere you spend your time.


Fish Oil

As supplements go this wellness product is one for the whole family.

Bare Biology Lion Heart Fish Oil

Back to school means having to concentrate after weeks of summer holiday fun. High in Omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil has been said to help with cognitive functionality in growing teens as well as a host of other amazing things. Our favourite is the Lion Heart fish oil from Bare Biology for it’s super pure formula that doesn’t taste a thing like fish oils from the past.


Organic Sanitary Products

Help the planet one period at a time with this wellness product.

OHNE organic tampons

With plastic waste becoming more and more apparent and with a supposed 45 billion feminine hygiene products being disposed of every year, either to landfill or by incarceration damaging our environment in a multitude of ways there has never been a better time to change your sanitary products. Swap plastic laden, toxic filled sanitary towels for these biodegradable, organic cotton ones from Natracare or go one step further and have organic tampons from OHNE delivered for ease of convenience that’s better for you and better for the planet.


An innovation in natural supplements, we can see this wellness product is going to be huge.

ZEN CBD oil CoconutIt’s said that CBD oil is set to be the new ‘turmeric trend’ and we can totally see why. Made from the cannabis plant (without the psychoactive effects) CBD provides a powerful balancing effect on the body meaning it can help with a multitude of conditions from stress and anxiety to pain and inflammation. We love these organic, naturally flavoured CBD oil sprays from ZEN CBD (especially the chocolate one) which make it easy and delicious to get your daily dose.

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