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Firing up the body for spring <br> - <br> By Yoga Teacher Lauren Bloxham

Firing up the body for spring
By Yoga Teacher Lauren Bloxham



Our bodies require a little extra TLC during the transition from winter to spring. It’s a prime time for coughs and colds to creep in, but there’s plenty we can do to support our natural ability to function healthily and feel well during the seasonal transition.

Spring Cleaning & Supporting Elimination within the Body.

Spring is a natural time to eliminate the excesses of the winter season and work with the body to feel refreshed, cleansed and ready for new growth.

Top tips to support elimination;

-Eating plenty of green leafy veg, rich in SQ sugar molecules to feed our good gut bacteria and support the immune system.

-Move from the core to generate heat within the body. Try practicing Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutations) to stimulate the blood flow and the lymph nodes to support the bodies natural detoxification process.

– Renowned for their detoxifying qualities try practising twisting yoga poses. Some of my favourites are Parsva Balasana or Parivrtta Anjaneasana.

– Regularly focus on your breath and partake in basic breathing exercises such as pranayama.

– Choose warming, digestive foods and add herbs and spices with antibacterial qualities such as black pepper, ginger and fennel.

– Essential oils such as ginger, fennel & juniper stimulate circulation, warm the body and support the elimination of excess waste. Try massaging the body with this blend or adding it to a warm bath.

It’s important to eat well, move regularly and be aware of your body’s reaction during the change in seasons. If you feel tired allow yourself to rest, if you feel over energised focus on your breathing to ground yourself. Everybody reacts differently so ensure you are looking after your number one priority, yourself.

To discover more top tips and to discover some amazing recipes from Lauren check out her instagram here; @blackdogliving

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