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Our favourite health and nutrition podcasts

Our favourite health and nutrition podcasts

We caught up with Vicky from The Flourishing Pantry to share her favourite and now OUR favourite heath and nutrition podcasts. Podcasts are a great way to get educated and informed on your favourite topic. Long journeys, en route to your yoga or Pilates class or a break away from the desk at lunch are the perfect time to get stuck into a podcast. We guarantee as soon as you start one you wont be able to stop.

Check out these six podcasts focused on health and nutrition to get your daily dose of inspiration and insight into the world of wellness

Precision Nutrition Podcast

It’s so important to get your nutrition guidance from experienced and qualified professionals. Precision Nutrition prides itself on being the home of the world’s top nutrition coaches and it’s Eat, Move and Live Better podcast comes with a simple message: You CAN get healthy and fit while still living your life.

Each podcast is delivered as an essay with simple, easy to apply steps you can bring into your own life to improve your health. With subjects like ‘The surprising truth about sugar’ and ‘Meal plans suck: 6 better ways to transform your diet, you’ll be whizzing through their back-catalogue in no time and filling yourself with all the knowledge and skills to live a healthier life!

Don’t Salt My Game Podcast

Speaking of getting your nutrition information from a professional, Don’t Salt My Game is a podcast created by Registered Nutritionist and wellness advocate Laura Thomas PhD.

In each episode Laura is in conversation with game-changers in the world of nutrition, health and wellness like Zanna Van Dijk and Dr Megan Rossi and she is not afraid to call out weird and faddy trends that don’t have scientific merits.

Be prepared for straight-talking and her regular feature “Bloggers Say What?!” highlighting nutrition nonsense found online.

One Part Podcast

If you’re looking for next level inspiration guests then Jessica Murnane’s One Part Podcast is the place to head.

With her warm and open style Murnane really gets to the heart of her guests’ stories to reveal their successes and setbacks and finds out what inspired their own health journeys. Pasts guests include McKel Hill of Nutrition Stripped and Dana Schultz of the Minimalist Baker.

Murnane is a passionate advocate of a vegan lifestyle which helped her tackle the symptoms of endometriosis and each guest shares a plant-based recipe at the end of the podcast.

The Priestess Podcast

Hosted by Priestess Julie Parker, the Priestess Podcast is all about intimate conversations with leaders, authors and speakers who are championing Soulful Business.

Tackling subjects like the power of resiliency, embracing change and leading like a woman, there’s something for everyone in this spiritually centred podcast with plenty to get you thinking.

From the Heart: Conversations with Yoga Girl Podcast

Brought to you by Rachel Brathen, the international yoga teacher more commonly known as Yoga Girl. Rachel built a huge online following when she decided to share every corner of her journey through life on Instagram with her contagious smile and free-spirited yoga practice.

Rachel’s podcast launched in March 2017 and is a weekly series digging even deeper into her life and journey. Covering topics like body positivity, being vulnerable and following your passion she speaks from a truly personal place and invites guests to join her as she delivers the podcast with her signature storytelling style.

Ben Coomber Radio Podcast

If you like your nutrition and training advice clear and comprehensive then get stuck in to Ben Coomber Radio.

Delivered by nutritionist and founder of education and coaching company Body Type Nutrition, Ben interviews guests and answers listener questions about how to improve fitness and mind-set.

Formerly overweight himself, Ben is now passionate about sharing his learning and experience with his audience and provides ‘awesome’ practical tips and ways to think about your own health.

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