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Best Yoga Classes For At Home Practice [VIDEO]

Best Yoga Classes For At Home Practice [VIDEO]

We're living in very uncertain times and it can be hard to remember to stay grounded and positive when it feels like there is so much change. One really good way to keep yourself in good spirits is to continue with your yoga practice, we recommend giving these at-home yoga practices a go.

Your favourite yoga teacher or your favourite yoga studio!

It breaks our hearts to see so many yoga studios having to temporarily close and so many yoga teachers without a place to share their wisdom. First and foremost check in with your usual studio and see if they are doing Zoom or IGTV classes. A lot of teachers are sharing info on their social channels about where you can find them and the studios are doing the same so roll out the mat, use technology to your advantage and continue to support your local yoga community.

Check out some of our favourites;

Movement for Modern Life

Our friends at Movement For Modern Life have you covered. With classes for every level of yoga taught by some of the world's best teachers, you can go from complete novice to a handstand expert in no time. They even have calming routines for when life feels a little overwhelming. Just pop them on your iPad, get out your mat and you're good to go.

Get on the mat with a two week trial from MFML and 20% off all subscriptions with the code ASQUITH20 when you sign up at

Helen Faliveno

The lovely Helen Faliveno is our go-to when we need a little bit of zen in our lives. Hailing from London, she is a girl after our own heart and her teaching style is calm, clear and positive, just what we need in these somewhat uncalming times! 

Check out her YouTube channel and fall in love with yoga all over again!

Yoga with Adriene

We have always been a fan of Adriene's classes and we're so glad we found her when we did. The amazing thing about her classes is that there is no need to look at the screen. She explains all positions very clearly and simply which allows you to fully focus on your practice and nothing else. With over 6.2 million subscribers it seems we're not the only ones.

Stay tuned for more information on at home workouts, at home yoga and more tips and tricks to get you through this 'strange' time. We really think if we all work together, we can make this positive, so be kind, be thoughtful and stay grounded.

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