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Our Harem Pants Explained

Our Harem Pants Explained

We are often asked about the differences between our harem pants, here we break it down.


Our Heavenly Harem pants are one of our bestselling styles and a version of them has featured in our collections since we launched in 2002.

They became so popular, we were asked to create a style that was suitable for longer legs, and so the Long Harem Pants were born.


Meet our pants

Both styles are:

  • Made with pockets. For comfortable lounging and holding your essentials on the way to your class.
  • Made from bamboo. Soft and breathable for the ultimate comfort at home, on holiday, or in a yoga class.
  • Relaxed fit. With a foldover waistband and tapered legs for freedom in the studio, or style when going out.

Which is which?

Heavenly Harem Pants

One of our original styles and still one of your favourites. Our 7/8 length Heavenly Harem Pants are made from our signature bamboo fabric and are perfect for yoga, Pilates, barre and more.

Great for seeing your ankle movement in class. We love the flattering foldover waist and deep pockets.

  • Our original style
  • Neat cuff
  • Great for shorter legs
  • Best for the Summer

Discover more here.

The Long Harem Pants

Set to become the most useful and comfortable pants you’ll own, the Long Harem Pants are made from our super soft bamboo fabric, so they feel amazing next your skin.

The wide cuffs and fold down waistband mean they’re staying put in even the toughest class. You’ll live in them outside of class too – we can vouch they’re the perfect lazy weekend pant.

  • Our bestselling style
  • Great for longer legs
  • Perfect for yoga & Pilates
  • Gathered cuffs

Discover more here.

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