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Our beautiful bamboo fleece

Our beautiful bamboo fleece

Introducing our new sustainable staple, super soft, Brushed Bamboo Fleece. With it’s incredible planet and skin loving properties we can’t  get enough of our new fabric.

From the growth of the very first bamboo sprout, there is no ecological compromise. Bamboo is self-regenerating, growing to its full size in only 3-4 months. It absorbs twice as much carbon dioxide and releases approx 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than hardwood trees.



Here are some more of our favourite reasons why we think Bamboo is best:

  • From the day it is planted to the day it is harvested, bamboo requires no nasty pesticides, fertilisers or herbicides.
  • It offers natural cultivation that does not harm the planet or the precious soil it’s planted in.
  • It never needs to be replanted as it self-regenerates from its own roots reducing any chances of local soil erosion.
  • Bamboo offers unrivalled strength because of the long fibres that it is created from. This means that your bamboo clothing will last you for many years to come.
  • The roots of the bamboo plant increase soil strength and conservation which allows the surrounding land to naturally stabilise, and prevents eco-disasters such as landslides.
  • In comparison to fabrics like non-organic cotton, bamboo requires ⅓ less water.
  • Bamboo is incredibly agile and has the incredible ability to grow from anywhere and on all terrains. Creating both eco and bio-diversity from wherever it seeds.
  • Once composted, Bamboo enriches the materials beneath it and adds no added carbon to the atmosphere.


Buttery soft and unbelievably comfortable, our brand new bamboo fleece will keep you snug and cosy. The tiny holes found in the Bamboo fibres, also allow for a natural ventilation to keep you fresh all day long.


With unrivalled softness against even the most sensitive of skin this all natural, plant based fabric is a firm favourite for team Asquith.

You can discover Bamboo Fleece in our eco-friendly cover ups, the Cosi Cardi and the Heavenly Hoody.

Whether you’re in need of an extra layer for your crisp morning dog walk, something to throw on after your morning practice, or for a quick trip to the shops, our Bamboo Fleece styles are set to become your next wardrobe favourites.


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