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Asquith Adores Nominee - The Beeswax Wrap Company

Asquith Adores Nominee - The Beeswax Wrap Company

Introducing The Beeswax Wrap Company. A UK based solution to plastic food storage and nominee in the lifestyle category of the Asquith Adores Awards. We sat down with the founders so you can find out more about their products and why we think you should vote for them.

Can you tell us how/why you started your brand?

We (Carly & Fran) began making beeswax wraps in early 2017, we were both trying to cutdown our reliance on single use plastics, but the one item we found really hard to find a viable alternative was cling film. Whilst living in Australia, Carly had seen beeswax wraps so suggested we have a go at making them ourselves. We bought a block of wax from the Stroud Farmers Market and began to play with different ways of making them, each time getting a little bit better, we did ruin 3 irons and Carly’s kitchen floor along the way though! Friends and family then asked us to make some for them, this lead us to doing our first market in May 2017 where we sold out, completely to our disbelief. Carly and I were both working at the time, me as a Marketing Manager and Carly as a music teacher. We saw it as a fun hobby that we could do in the evenings and weekends, so we built a website and launched our social media channels. Quite quickly we stared to build a following, with bloggers such as Lizzie Loves Healthy giving us great support from the start. Later in 2017 Blue Planet was aired and the awareness of the issues around plastic really started to build, our sales saw a big uplift and we continued to grow. In March 2018 we hired our first full time employee. By May we had moved to a larger workshop and employed 3 more people. By November 2018 we had become a team of 10.

We are now stocked in over 500 independents in the UK and in Oxfam. In November 2018 we also launched our vegan version The Vegan Food Wrap Company.

We pride ourselves on making super soft ethical yoga clothes, if your brand had to be remembered for one thing, what would it be and why?

Quality – For us it is key that when you buy well, you buy once. The plastic free movement has really gained momentum over the past year and there are lots of new products coming onto the market. The key issue with the plastic problem is the fact that we have all become too consumed with consuming. The fundamental key to reducing our waste is to reduce our spending, ‘do I really need it?’ should be the question that we all ask ourselves and if it is a yes, then we need to ask ourselves am I buying a cheap option that I will need to buy again in a few weeks/months’ time or am I investing in a product that will last me years not weeks. We hand make all our wraps to ensure the highest durability, our wraps really do last a year or more and you can now re wax them with our beeswax wraps refresher block, so their life can be extended to two years or more!



How do you ensure you stay on top of ethical/eco trends and ensure your brand is moving in the right direction as it constantly evolves?

We are very proud to be B Corp certified, a mark of true ethical standards. Our whole business has been audited from our supply chain through to how we treat our staff. We are constantly striving to ensure that our decisions are not only good for the growth of our business but is also creating a positive impact on our team and the community around us.!

If you could share one tip for someone who wants to live more ethically and sustainably in 2019 what would it be and why?

There are so many things you can do that it can become overwhelming. Our top tip is to find your local refill shop on our Zero Waste Shopping Map and go and buy your pasta, rice, cereals etc from there. Not only will you be reducing your single use plastic but you will be supporting a local business!


What is your favourite product and why?

Our favourite product is our Medium Kitchen Pack, it’s the perfect pack to dip you toe in to the beeswax wrap world, it has one of each size so you can see which you use the most, before you invest in more.

And finally, is there anything you would like to share with our readers?

Don’t get overwhelmed with all the things that need to change, pick a room in your home and write a list of all the areas you could cutdown on your plastic use, then take 1 a week, starting with the one that is most achievable. Soon you will have changed your habits so that it will become the natural choice, whether that is using a refill bottle, wrapping your food in our beeswax wraps or taking reusable shopping bags to your local refill shop.




You can cast your vote for The Beeswax Wrap Company in the Asquith Adores Awards here...

Everyone who VOTES will be in with the chance of winning a £200 Gourmet Guide Restaurant Voucher

You can find out more about The Beeswax Wrap Company and their products here...

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