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Asquith Adores Nominee - Georganics

Asquith Adores Nominee - Georganics

Introducing Georganics. Nominees in the beauty category of the Asquith Adores Awards, Georganics make natural, eco-friendly and toxic free oral care. We sat down with the team at Georganics to find out a little more about their products and why we think you should vote for them.

Can you tell us how/why you started your brand?

It all started with one question - are all these synthetic chemicals used in conventional oral care really necessary? Research soon showed us that nature already offers everything we need to look after our oral health. We are able to create effective products that not only support healthy teeth but also support a healthy environment, by ensuring that our ingredients are pure and of the highest quality.

We pride ourselves on making super soft ethical yoga clothes, if your brand had to be remembered for one thing, what would it be and why?

If we had to choose just one thing it would be natural oral care because we are both sustainable and toxic-free.



How do you ensure you stay on top of ethical/eco trends and ensure your brand is moving in the right direction as it constantly evolves?

We strive to continually review our practices in order to find the most ethical and sustainable options available, from sourcing the ingredients to the packaging we use. We are constantly trying to improve as more alternatives become available. This allows us to carry on creating the most eco-friendly products we can.

If you could share one tip for someone who wants to live more ethically and sustainably in 2019 what would it be and why?

Try to make small swaps on your essential day-to-day items, as and when you need to – in time these swaps build up. Living more sustainably doesn’t happen overnight so don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself.


What is your favourite product and why?

We love our Activated Charcoal Natural Toothpaste because the cleansing formula not only contains organic Peppermint essential oil, which opens the airways and promotes clear breathing, but also Activated Charcoal which has absorptive properties that help to remove plaque and stains, whitening the teeth.

And finally, is there anything you would like to share with our readers?

We don’t want to give away too much but we will say to keep an eye on our social media for new exciting releases coming soon! And if you’re already a fan of our products, check out our Zero To Landfill Scheme – where you can send us back your used toothbrush heads or Sonic toothbrush handles to be recycled for free.


You can cast your vote for Georganics in the Asquith Adores Awards here...

Everyone who VOTES will be in with the chance of winning a £200 Gourmet Guide Restaurant Voucher

You can find out more about Georganics and their sustainable oral care here...

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