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Asquith Adores Nominee - Ethical Unicorn

Asquith Adores Nominee - Ethical Unicorn

Meet Fran, founder of eco-blog, Ethical Unicorn and nominee in the Asquith Adores Awards.

Find out more about Fran and why we think you should vote for her below...

Can you tell us how/why you started your brand?

I come from an arts background, and as part of that I did a lot of research focusing on cultural studies and systemic oppression. About six months after I finished university I became more aware of the impact of my lifestyle and choices, and started to shift to a more conscious way of living. I initially started blogging as a hobby to document that journey and encourage my friends to do the same, but as time went on and it began to grow I decided to incorporate the academic knowledge and research experience I had too. Nowadays I cover quite a mix of different topics, mainly because I find myself having a question about something and I figure other people probably wonder the same thing, so I try and put my experience as a researcher to good use and go find an answer.

We pride ourselves on making super soft ethical yoga clothes, if your brand had to be remembered for one thing, what would it be and why?

Hopefully helping people to understand, to connect, and to feel something.



How do you ensure you stay on top of ethical/eco trends and ensure your brand is moving in the right direction as it constantly evolves?

It depends how you define trends. If we’re talking about fashion, I’m happily oblivious because I believe personal style should abandon trends altogether and just be about what you love and being as sustainable as is accessible to you. If we’re talking about what’s happening in the sustainability movement as a whole, I try to read a lot. I look out for news coverage from reliable sources, new research coming out, and topics my peers are covering too. There’s always more to learn, so I just try and find as many places as possible to learn from! Green Dreamer podcast by Kamea Chayne is probably one of my favourite resources for covering multiple approaches and movements.

If you could share one tip for someone who wants to live more ethically and sustainably in 2019 what would it be and why?

Get involved in intersectional activism. As we enter the next decade we’re also entering a critical time for the future of our species, so find local branches of organisations working for intersectional climate justice in your area, and see how you can become a part of it.


What is the most important thing you have learnt about the planet and why?

That regenerating and rebuilding soil is one of the most important things we can do to save the planet. It has multiple benefits (carbon drawdown, food security, water security, protection from floods) and is completely achievable!

And finally, is there anything you would like to share with our readers?

Look at Kiss The Ground’s work! That is what gives me hope at the moment. I would totally recommend taking the advocacy course if you can.


You can cast your vote for Fran in the Asquith Adores Awards here...

Everyone who VOTES will be in with the chance of winning a £200 Gourmet Guide Restaurant Voucher

You can find out more about Fran here...

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