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NOMINEE: Abi Carver

Category: Yoga and Pilates

What was the inspiration behind starting your blog, and has your direction changed since you began blogging?

I launched my yoga app, Yoga15, 2 years ago and at the same time, started my blog. In the beginning, I wrote fairly generic yoga articles—about the benefits and how to set up your practice—but in the last year I’ve shifted my focus to more in-depth pieces that outline how yoga can help with specific issues such as relieving lower back pain, improving core strength and increasing flexibility.

When did you first get into yoga /pilates, and what was your motivation?

In 2009, I moved to México and took my first yoga class, taught by a friend. It’s a terrible cliché but I was hooked right away. I found the classes both challenging and relaxing. Yoga instantly made intuitive sense to me, on a mental and physical level.

What do you think are the biggest benefits of yoga / pilates?

Where do I begin? I specialise in designing yoga videos for athletic men and women who enjoy a particular sport — such as running, cycling, surfing, working out at the gym or a martial art. As wonderful as it is for your health to be active, unfortunately over time, every sport establishes a set of muscular imbalances and/or repetitive strain. For instance, cyclists experience tight hips, lower back pain and closed chests and surfers suffer from neck pain and require a high level of core strength. Where yoga excels, is in balancing out these patterns of imbalance. It is also great for athletic recovery, promoting relaxation, improving posture and enhancing mindfulness. It is infinitely adaptable and can be incredibly beneficial for a wide range of people.

What are your top tips for keeping motivated with a regular fitness routine?

In my experience, you need to have a really good reason for maintaining a regular fitness routine. That might be to look a certain way, perform an athletic activity to a higher level, increase your energy levels, improve your mental focus and clarity, relieve chronic pain. If you know why you’re doing something, the how to becomes incidental.

Which bloggers are you rooting for in the other Asquith Adores Blogger Awards categories?

I don’t have favourites! All the nominees are excellent at what they do. It’s an honour to be included in this list of passionate health, wellness and sustainability advocates.

Tell us one thing that our blog readers may not know about you…

I used to put on parties for a fashion and design magazine in a former life and co-hosted a party with Kanye West. Random!

We regularly feature inspiring women on our blog in our ‘Wow Women’ series, who is your most inspiring ‘Wow Woman’ and why?

I am wowed by an eclectic mix of women who are smart, powerful, beautiful and funny, like Esther Perel, Brené Brown, Alice Levine and Gisele.

What was the last book you read?

I am reading Principles by Ray Dalio, have The 4 Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin on my reading list and devour everything by Ryan Holiday.

What is your favourite uplifting quote of all time?

“People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.” George Bernard Shaw

And finally, is there anything you would like to share with our readers?

Subscribe to my website and get your first 30 days free to discover over 100 x 15-minute yoga videos to improve your flexibility, strength and balance, enhance your focus and concentration and help you relax and recharge.

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