So, to kick start the conversation. Here is our pledge for the next 10 years.

Sustainability Expert:

To employ a Sustainability Expert to review every process of our production and to have them follow our ethical activewear every step of the way. From singular bamboo seedling to receiving your favourite bamboo Pilates leggings in the mail. We want to have complete overview of every single process and make sure it is the best it can possibly be from forest floor to factory floor, for people and the planet.


To have Sustainability Certifications along every step of the journey. Our sustainable activewear already has certifications from Oeko-Tex and GOTS and our bamboo is comes from FSC certified forests, but we want to look at these in further detail, expand our certifications where we can and look at becoming BCorp certified. This would mean there is more transparency for you, our loyal customers.


Look at how our communication devices (email, social, website) use energy and to switch to a provider that uses renewable energy. We think the next big trend in plant-friendly swaps will be energy providers especially when it comes to our website server and the WIFI that we work off every day. We want to make sure that we are using the greenest possible energy solution for our needs as a brand and hope to find that solution very soon.


To upgrade our packaging to be fully recyclable or biodegradable. We are doing our very best to make this happen as fast as possible. Here our Founder and Creative Director Alice shares a little more about our journey so far.

Textile Pollution:

A quote we heard recently was, “Farmers in China close to garment factories ‘joke’ about being able to tell what colour will be ‘in’ next season by looking at the shade of their rivers. - Refinery 29’’. The dyes and colours we use to make our ethical activewear are Oeko-Tex certified which means it is processed without the use of harmful chemicals in the dyeing and finishing process, but we want to step this up a notch and reduce any and all textile pollution from our garment production.


We want to challenge our customers to think how you can recycle old season Asquith. Our clothes are made from the best quality fabrics so they last and last but we want to encourage you to re-use and recycle your old Asquith. Whether that’s giving it to your local charity shop, to someone in need or re-purposing it as something else. We are open to all ideas and are working on how we can make this more of a circular economy within the company.

We promise we are going to do all we can to ensure that we reach our goals of becoming even more sustainable even in this very uncertain climate we will continue to do our best in everyway we can. We would love to hear your thoughts, so do leave us a comment below and tell us if you would like to see more and share your opinions.

You can find out more about our fabrics and our ethical activewear here...