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Menopause, Mental Health and Lockdown in Collaboration with niix

Menopause, Mental Health and Lockdown in Collaboration with niix

We asked our friends at niix to share with us some of their favourite ways to keep both our minds and our bodies strong...

With a second lockdown looming, we are still in the midst of a very uncertain time with an overwhelming feeling of ‘the unknown’ surrounding us.

At the same time as worrying about our new lives and routine, so many of us have worries and concerns of our own, not least when going through perimenopause and the menopause. Aside from the physical discomfort during this time, it can also weigh heavily on our mental health. Research from Healthspan concluded that 61% of women are likely to experience feelings of anxiety due to symptoms of perimenopause.

Other side effects of the menopause can include weight gain, hot flushes, stress, difficulty concentrating, problems sleeping, memory issues and mood swings. Additional to this, unable to attend and partake in the things we usually enjoy: an exercise class, meet ups with like- minded women, spending time with friends and just a general social life, can really affect how we cope during these challenging times.

So without our regular routine or being able to spend time with friends as a pick me up and our general go-to coping mechanisms going out the window, how can we support and ease our mental health symptoms associated with the menopause?

Our friends at niix have a couple of ideas:

Be Kind

Now more than ever you need to be kind to yourself.

It’s time to stop with the self-criticism and beating yourself up for what you haven’t done and it’s time indulge in some self-love. Putting yourself down and getting frustrated and annoyed with yourself or your body will just make you feel worse.

Feeling low, especially when experiencing something as huge as the menopause and hormonal changes is completely normal. Give yourself a break, 2020 has not been easy so far.

Never feel guilty for having moments for self-care and never feel like your going through this alone.

Join a network for support

Reach out to other women who are going through a similar stage of life and always support each other. Events might be happening digitally right now, but they are still happening and they can be incredibly comforting.

Even if you don’t wish to share your story yet or even if you don’t fully understand your symptoms, just listening into a group can help you.

There are numerous Facebook groups you can join to help you through perimenopause and menopause, just search these terms on the Facebook search bar and you will find one that suits you. You can join niix Facebook group for FREE here. It’s full of supportive women, sharing their stories about perimenopause and the menopause and share their exercise and fitness wins too.

Make use of the fresh air

There is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong type of clothes.

We are all able to make the most of getting outside and getting some fresh air so don an uber soft and comfy bamboo Base Layer and your favourite rain jacket and step outside.

Fresh air and green surroundings will help with a bit of nature therapy. Whether it’s a walk, run, workout or just simply sitting somewhere you enjoy, just listening to your own thoughts can be incredibly calming and being within nature has many of it’s own healing benefits.

Continue with regular exercise

With the help of the internet and social media, it has never been easier to exercise in the comfort of your own home. It is no secret that whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, exercise can simply make you feel great!

There are hundreds of classes on the niix app lasting no more than 25 minutes – perfect for getting into a routine and having a good sweat! Asquith have led the way in live classes and feature some fantastic guests live on their Instagram at 8am every Friday. 

So get on Asquith's ethical activewear and get ready to move, shake and sweat. (Asquith is perfect for those going through the menopause. Made from bamboo, its breathable, sweat wicking and temperature regulating, perfect for hot flushes. Plus its super soft fabric is great for sensitive skin. Find out more here...)


Be Mindful

Everyone is in the same boat right now, we have no answers as to when restrictions will lift and when life will feel more ‘normal’ again but if we are Mindful, we become free from distraction or judgement. Be Mindful about your personal situation, but also importantly your own symptoms whether they are brought on by menopause and your bodies hormonal changes or by the anxiety surrounding your personal Covid situation.

Being present and Mindful for just 5 minutes a day can have such a positive effect on your body and mind. Relaxation techniques can help refocus the negative thoughts and channel your focus into feeling calm and in control which is a feeling we long for when our bodies are doing things we no longer understand.

We hope you take on board and practice some of these tips, but overall let us remember, fifty is definitely the new forty and with more of us living longer, having better diets and staying fit and healthy, women are looking younger and full of vitality for longer. Move over slippers and say hello to new possibilities, even with Covid still very much in sight.

You can find our more about niix and how they can help you on your menopause journey here...

Be sure to try one our exercise classes with Nicky from niix here...

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