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Asquith Adores <BR> - <BR> 5 sustainable brands to help you go green in 2019

Asquith Adores
5 sustainable brands to help you go green in 2019

Washable and reusable, 2019 is all about planet earth, looking after Mother Nature and finding ways we can help cut down on our waste which is why we wanted to share with you the 5 sustainable brands who are helping you do just that.

Thinx Pants

A game changer in the way women manage their periods, Thinx created the first ever line of period proof underwear that is washable, reusable and better for you so you can say goodbye to uncomfortable and somewhat dangerous pads and tampons and say hello to confident, comfortable and earth friendly periods every month.


Bio-Bean have been instrumental in changing the way we look at waste products. The first company in the world to industrialise the process of recycling waste coffee grounds into advanced biofuels and biochemicals. Their latest innovation, Coffee Logs, (eco heat logs for wood burners, stoves and open fires) are made entirely from spent coffee beans, so there is now an eco-friendly way to enjoy an evening by the fire.

Beco Pets

For those pet lovers it can often be hard to find a way to keep all you gear eco-friendly which is why we love Beco Pets. From litter trays to food bowls, toys to bags, all their products are made from recycled, compostable materials so you can help fight the war on plastic one dog walk at a time.


Although it used to be all about smelly bath bombs and glitter, Lush has stepped up it’s eco-friendly game going packaging free in some of it’s biggest stores. They also do a offer a great recycle service and their products are biodegradable so they are helping to keep the oceans clean one bath bomb at a time.


We pride ourselves on being as eco-friendly as possible which is why we only use the  eco fabrics organic cotton and bamboo to make our ethical activewear. Although we would like you to buy all of our styles, we design our clothes to last so you don’t have to surrender to fast fashion and instead you can wear something that keeps its shape, stays supremely soft and is always in style.

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