Asquith Lovers

We are lucky enough to have yoga and Pilates teachers, boutique owners and women around the world who also champion living positively, support and recommend Asquith. Here’s a little more about them…


  • Lynne Robinson

    Co-founder and Director, Body Control Pilates
  • "I simply adore Asquith clothing. I need outfits that look good, whether I'm teaching at a Premier League football club, in a studio, on TV, or giving a lecture. I have look smart even though I may end up rolling around the floor! Their activewear helps you look fabulous 24/7 and is designed for movement… perfect for Pilates.

    Their fabric is incredibly soft, yet so hard wearing - and if you hang it up sharpish after washing they don't even need ironing!"

    Lynne was at the forefront of creating the boom in Pilates in the UK. She is firmly established as the world’s top-selling Pilates author and presenter and her books and DVDs are sold in over thirty countries (and on the Asquith website!).

    Her introduction to Pilates was in 1992 whilst living in Sydney, Australia, after being recommended to take up classes as a solution to the severe back problems. Lynne was a student with Penny Latey in Sydney, and then completed her formal Pilates training after returning to London. She co-founded Body Control Pilates in 1996.

    In the UK, The Times newspaper has hailed her as “The Queen of Pilates” and the Observer called her "The undisputed First Lady of Pilates". Recognising the impact that her work has had on general attitudes to fitness and on training techniques, the London Evening Standard featured Lynne in their list of London’s ‘Power People’, the capital’s three hundred most influential people.

    Her current and past clients include Liz Hurley, Sophie Dahl, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Hollie Willoughby, Hugh Grant, Pat Cash, Kyran Bracken, the Football Association, the England Cricket Team, West Bromwich Albion FC and Chelsea FC.

  • Tara Lee

    Tara Lee Yoga
  • "I have been wearing Asquith clothing for over a decade and loved watching the way the company has evolved into the brand it is today. The fabrics are so soft and I still wear many of my old favourite pieces, which shows their durability and timeless quality. Alice is admirable in her commitment to the ethos of the brand so that you can always be confident that you are also wearing organic and ethically conscious clothing."

    Tara has been practicing yoga for more than half her life having discovered yoga while at university in Bristol. Along with her commitment to practicing and teaching vinyasa flow, she is also passionate about pre and post natal yoga. Having experienced the incredible benefits yoga bought through both her pregnancies and births she decided it was important to share this knowledge with other women. For more than 10 years Tara has been teaching a range of general and pre and post natal classes at the Life Centre in Notting Hill Gate and has a range of DVDs selling worldwide. Her pregnancy yoga DVD and Elements of yoga DVD series have been award winning and best selling in the UK and US (over 80,000 DVDs sold). She runs teacher training courses and has written a book on Pregnancy Yoga.

    Tara is a qualified Shiatsu practitioner and a trained Doula.



  • “Sustainable and holistic lifestyle for me is to be our “SatNam” our everlasting true me – so we can vibrate our brightest to fulfil our precious journey of life. This is not only your physical and mental harmony, but also what we are wearing. The Asquith brand encompasses all of that. Lovely on our skin as well as to the planet, comfortable with a vibrant range of colours and designed not only to wear at the yoga studio but also in our daily life. I am so grateful to have found this high quality brand. It makes me look and feel absolutely fabulous- from the inside and out!”

    Tanja believes that a holistic and sustainable lifestyle, including body, mind, spirit and earth, brings a peaceful mind, inner balance and harmony in life. Her events, classes and retreats, blog and Youtube channel involve a special combination of mindfulness, Yin yoga, meditation and raw food with healing ingredients. A successful combination that brings out bliss and joy amongst her students and subscribers, not only in Stockholm, Sweden, where she lives, but all across the world.


    Founder and Owner of BODY SOUL YOGA
  • "I teach and practice yoga every day and so I wear my yoga clothing constantly; even to do the school run. My students and friends are often commenting on what I am wearing. I wear Asquith yoga clothing not only because they are beautiful pieces and soft and durable; but because Asquith share the same brand values as my own; namely providing ethically sourced and made items, which are sustainable and eco-friendly."

    Faye Koe is the owner and founder of Body Soul Yoga, based in Surrey and Ibiza. She is a British Wheel of Yoga Teacher and has practiced yoga for over 15 years. She is a mother of two and was a city lawyer for 16 years; so she understands the need for yoga, balance, relaxation and meditation to feel centred and to keep grounded in an ever demanding world.

    Faye's Yoga classes are taught with an emphasis on health and fitness; encouraging her students to challenge themselves, whilst at the same time emphasising the non-competitive nature of yoga and the principle of Ahimsa, treating yourself with kindness. The classes at Body Soul Yoga are varied, challenging and fun.

  • Lara Hassan
  • “When your life is active like mine, you aim to wear something that looks good while you are teaching, yet stylish enough to be able to go shopping or meet a friend for coffee."

    Asquith has managed to create an astounding brand combining craftsmanship and elegance, made from eco friendly fabrics, organic cotton and bamboo. How can one not love Asquith and what it stands for!?

    In a world where small businesses and quality are disappearing fast, Asquith is a gem in the activewear world. I love to encourage people to exercise, when you are healthy and fit your choices become better and so does your mindset. Asquith complements everything I believe in!"

    Lara trained with Pilates Foundation UK, followed by studies in the authentic Pilates method in New York and Los Angeles. Ten years of extensive training and international work experience lead Lara to land great opportunities working with celebrities like Sting and training royals across the globe.

    After years of teaching and studying various forms of movement and exercise, Lara created her signature method Body By Lara that brings in HIIT training to movement based exercise methods such as Pilates, Garuda, Gyrotonic, Barre and Plyometrics.


  • Jennifer Cortis

    Lotus Room
  • “I regularly give yoga classes and workshops, therefore I find myself wearing yoga clothes most of the time! I am delighted that I came across Asquith as they provide yoga clothing with a feminine and fashionable style that are incredibly comfortable to wear. They are made from premium organic cotton and bamboo, and that makes them feel beautifully soft against the skin. Asquith is a high quality brand where you can find a great selection of beautiful yoga clothes and you can combine vests, wraps and a wide range of trousers in various colours. I also love that they support fair trade and their manufacturing process is ethical and not harmful to animals or the environment.”

    Jenny is passionate about yoga and offers guidance to students of all abilities. She teaches a style of yoga that is based on vinyasa flow, leading to awakening, transforming and sustaining one’s consciousness. Her vision involves helping people re-connect with a simple, sustainable approach to health and inner joy. Jenny believes optimal health involves all facets of life, such as physical wellbeing, emotional stability, mental peace and universal love - so that we can truly vibrate at the highest level and enjoy life to the fullest. Her yoga studio is based in Malta, however she also offers yoga retreats around beautiful places in Europe.

  • Kate Searchfield

    4most Fitness
  • “I love the quality and durability of the Asquith clothes, they out-live everything in my working wardrobe. The range of colours and styles are fabulous, there is something for everyone. My favourite range is the bamboo fabric clothes, super-soft, hard wearing, sustainable and ethical – perfect!”

    Kate is based in South Liverpool and works from home in her custom built Pilates studio. Kate’s passion is Pilates: teaching, practising and learning more about different methods. Kate created her company, 4Most Fitness Ltd after years of working abroad. It is Kate’s passion for a holistic approach to health and fitness that has taken her all over the world as a fitness professional and massage therapist. She has used her in-depth knowledge on how the body works and her world wide experience to create a safe, welcoming and inspiring environment where clients can either totally relax or be completely energised - or both!

  • Oli Vitoslavska

    Spa Elements
  • “As an Ayurvedic practitioner and business owner with a busy lifestyle, I need comfortable yet stylish and presentable outfits. Equally I am truly passionate about environment and sustainability - that is why Asquith clothing has become the most important part of my wardrobe these days. It has the rare combination of all my requirements – high quality, comfort, style and sustainability. I truly love the texture and breathable nature of bamboo fabric. The colours are vibrant and everlasting. My favourite garments are their bamboo wrap cardigan and gathered hoody. I also love their organic cotton leggings – high quality and thickness ensures durability and warmth.”

    Spa Elements is a Holistic Lifestyle Centre based at the heart of Crouch End in North London. They offer a wide variety of therapies including Massage, Ayurveda, Reiki and Theta healing. They also run workshops including Intuitive Mind Development, Introduction to Ayurveda and The Power of Manifestation. They provide the highest quality treatments, expert advice and ethical and environmentally responsible merchandise. Oli Vitoslavska, the founder of Spa Elements has always been passionate about holistic medicine and spiritualism, and after a decade of working in the corporate world she decided to share her passion in order to improve people’s well-being.

  • Amy Bramble

    Amy Bramble Yoga
  • “Anyone who knows me will tell you that I don't like to buy new items when I can find or recycle something second hand instead. Almost all of my clothes are sourced from car boot sales, charity shops and vintage stores but I make the exception each year for a few Asquith pieces. I love that they're organic, made of natural fibres and super comfy and my current favourites are definitely the cotton cropped pants which I almost lived in this summer!”

    Amy has been teaching yoga since 2012 and in 2013 she completed the 500 hour BWY teaching diploma. She has also studied the BWY teaching yoga to children training and currently offers classes for adults and children in Epping, North Weald and Debden in Essex.

    She is a keen allotment gardener and almost self sufficient, growing most of the vegetables and a lot of the fruit required to feed her and her husband. She also loves to cook and works to combine these interests with yoga (often taught outdoors in the summer months) by running classes and events, which are accompanied by delicious food and are a celebration of the beautiful local natural environment.

  • Wendy Jacob

    Yoga North
  • "As a teacher and writer, I am committed to offering classes that inspire, support and challenge anyone who has an interest in this wonderful practice. Asquith complements these aims, by designing stylish clothes that my students and I can wear in class and throughout the day. Whether it’s for a pregnancy class, restorative workshop or regular practice, Asquith will keep you comfortable, warm and looking good too!"

    York is a great city for yoga. New studios provide excellent facilities and there are classes, workshops and training suitable for anyone who wants to learn, or expand their skills.

  • Carole Suzineau

    Yoga Time Annecy
  • “With Asquith I found a great balance: fashionable clothes (yes, professors of Yoga like fashion!) that also respect the environment; moreover, the clothes are very comfortable and colours are magnificent!”

    Carole first discovered Iyengar yoga in 2007 and it quickly became a passion. Wanting to share this passion she decided to become a yoga teacher, and after several years of training, she became a Professor of Yoga in The Villa Annecy.

    Carole teaches yoga according to your morphology, capacity and physical condition. Firmness, patience and kindness are the qualities she will bring to your practice. She wants all her students to feel good in body and mind.

  • Josephine Wells

    Simply Yoga Deal
  • “Community halls are not renowned for being a comfortable temperature, too hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter. Asquith clothing resolves the problem as the fabric keeps you warm when it is cold and cool when hot. The longer length tops and high waist leggings ensure that your midriff is not exposed to the elements too!”

    In the small Kentish seaside town of Deal, Josephine has focused on providing the joy of yoga to the local community. The sessions cater for those who want to improve their fitness and mobility as well as stress and pain management techniques.

  • Grainne Lamb

    Grainne Lamb Yoga
  • “Asquith clothing is simply my favourite brand for practising and teaching Yoga and Pilates in. The soft bamboo is beautifully comfortable and the range is stylish enough for après yoga. Each season I look forward to the new range of styles and colours and add to my collection. The Asquith brand is also an ethical one which is essential to align with the principles of Yoga. Om shanti.”

    Gráinne teaches Yoga and Pilates in a variety of venues in Nottingham. She originally came to these disciplines to counter the physical and mental stresses of an office based environment. She is now teaching full-time and loves to help others to manage their own stress in a caring, safe and structured environment with classes that are varied, fun and suitable and encouraging for all ages and levels of ability.

  • Susan Neal

    Yoga with Susan
  • "I love the colour and style of Asquith which means I can go straight from class to meeting friends wearing the same thing. Even better is how the clothes stay where they are in the trickiest of postures. I will only recommend clothes I wear myself and that are ethically sound, so I am very pleased to be an Asquith ambassador."

    Susan Neal started yoga in 1973 whilst at Sheffield University. After an on off affair with yoga due to moves around the UK, she settled in Dumfries and Galloway, found some inspirational teachers and trained to teach with Yoga Scotland. Susan has been influenced by Iyengar Yoga, Viniyoga, Paul Grilley and others. Susan particularly likes the all round practice of the Himalayan Institute tradition. She also teaches Qigong, specifically Daoyin Yangsheng Gong. Susan's classes are in Dumfries and Lockerbie and are gentle enough for most abilities. She is also qualified to teach Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs.

  • Cécile Roubaud

    Ashtanga Yoga
  • “I was a city girl. I was born in Paris and then lived for several years in Mexico City. I then decided to remove myself from urban life and connect back with nature, choosing to live in the mountains and near a lake. I like clothes that also have that same connection with nature and that are eco-friendly, Asquith’s organic cotton and bamboo clothes tie in perfectly with this.”

    After many years studying the body through dancing, Cécile started her Yoga journey with Hatha Yoga in 2002 in Paris. She discovered Ashtanga Yoga, a few years later in Mexico, which led her to cross the world to learn more about it. Since 2009 she has been exploring the benefits of Yin Yoga that she discovered in Canada with Bernie Clark.

    Cécile is 200hr -RYT in Ashtanga Yoga, 150hr- RYT in Yin Yoga and competed a 200hr –RYT certification in Prana Flow. Her sources of inspiration are mainly: Bernie Clark, Paul and Suzee Grilley, Shiva Rea, and Geshe Michael Roach. Cecile is based in the French Alps in Annecy and teaches around the world. She co teaches a Yin Yoga teacher training in France every year with Biff Mithoeffer and leads a Yang Yin Yoga teacher worldwide.

    Cécile is passionate about passing on her knowledge gained from studying with yoga masters. She is dedicated to her students, helping them discover their own great potential and power.

  • Lucy Maresh

    A Space To Be
  • “As mother of two and full time yoga teacher I need my clothes to be smart, comfortable and hard wearing. I particularly love how Asquith clothes hold their shape – say goodbye to saggy knees! I am continually asked where I get my yoga clothes and am delighted to be able to recommend a company with products that are not just awesome but ethical as well.”

    Based within the stunning landscape of the Northumbrian coast, where she shares yoga classes with people of all ages and from all walks of life (from new-born babies to elderly miners!) Lucy’s teaching style prioritises breathing first, with physical exercises to follow. The physical practice aligns with the rhythm of the breath and creates a mindful flow that many people find very relaxing (even when we are ‘working’ quite hard!) This mindful way of practising yoga builds our capacity for stillness and creates quietness in the mind – a space to ‘just be’. Classes, workshops, therapies and retreats all take place in Shilbottle, Northumberland, where everyone benefits from beautiful sea views, open countryside, big skies and a well-equipped studio with underfloor heating. They offer a space for yoga, massage, retreats, good food and great company.

  • Andrea Detchon

    The Joy Scientist
  • “As mother of two and full time yoga teacher I need my clothes to be smart, comfortable and hard wearing. I particularly love how Asquith clothes hold their shape – say goodbye to saggy knees! I am continually asked where I get my yoga clothes and am delighted to be able to recommend a company with products that are not just awesome but ethical as well.”

    Based within the stunning landscape of the Northumbrian coast, where she shares yoga classes with people of all ages and from all walks of life (from new-born babies to elderly miners!) Lucy’s teaching style prioritises breathing first, with physical exercises to follow. The physical practice aligns with the rhythm of the breath and creates a mindful flow that many people find very relaxing (even when we are ‘working’ quite hard!) This mindful way of practising yoga builds our capacity for stillness and creates quietness in the mind – a space to ‘just be’. Classes, workshops, therapies and retreats all take place in Shilbottle, Northumberland, where everyone benefits from beautiful sea views, open countryside, big skies and a well-equipped studio with underfloor heating. They offer a space for yoga, massage, retreats, good food and great company.

  • Cathy Burdett

    Cathy Burdett Pilates
  • “I first bought Asquith clothing five years ago and haven't turned back. The materials are soft, beautiful and durable. The styles are varied and extremely flattering, and I have peace of mind knowing the clothes are ethically produced. The fabrics are natural and breathable, and my clients also love them”

    Cathy Burdett first started Pilates in 1993 and in 2004 qualified with the Pilates Foundation. She runs weekly matwork classes and private lessons in West Essex and South Woodford and regularly holds Pilates workshops and charity events. She is also certified in pre and postnatal Pilates. The group classes are focused, progressive and effective, whilst still providing a friendly, informal place for students to work and practice.

  • Sarah Perry

    Shapes in motion
  • "Just as we aim for a hair style that looks great, which is easy to manage with the essential get up and go factor, for me Asquith provides just that for my yoga practice & teaching. Not only do the clothes look great and feel amazing, they wash well! Silly as this sounds, as a busy yoga teacher teaching between 5-10 classes per week, it is important that my yoga clothes wash well, last and still look as good as new. Asquith hits the spot!"

    Sarah Perry is a London-based Yoga Therapist and also teaches Yin, Yang and Viniyoga Yoga. Sarah is a movement and acting coach and founder of Shapes In Motion, offering workshops and classes to actors and movement specialists.

    Sarah believes that movement, including asana practice, is a doorway into more than just the physical aspect; a deeper understanding of one’s self, and acceptance of where you are now. Movement and other aspects of Yoga enable the potential to expand physically, mindfully, mentally and spiritually.

    Through her teachings Sarah encourages individuals to become more self and body aware, inspiring both creativity and wellbeing. Sarah encourages a healthy balance of both Yin and Yang in one’s practice and life.

  • Michaela Olexova

    The Baoli
  • "My new outfit has just arrived and I am feeling at home already! Having been a fan of Asquith designs for many years it's such a pleasure to get some new style and colour variety to mix and match with my favourite pieces from their previous collections. I haven't yet found another brand that makes me feel so comfortable, free, stylish & feminine, whether I am teaching yoga, doing my own practice, traveling, or just relax during the weekends. I feel it supports my lifestyle both on & off the yoga mat and all the compliments about the designs and soft luxe feel of the bamboo I get along the way is just a proof of a perfect match!"

    Mother, yoga teacher, mentor, wellbeing ambassador and The Baoli's founder, Michaela Olexova combines her talent, expertise and passion for Yoga & Ayurveda to help restore the flow of nature in your body & mind so you stress less and dream more. Michaela has been a passionate yoga practitioner for over 15 years and has worked as a qualified yoga teacher since 2006 and Reiki therapist since 2009. Influenced by her travels, coming across many wonderful people, cultures and rituals, she decided to train as a yoga teacher in India, Nepal and the UK and share her knowledge and experience with others. Loved by her students for her positive energy, calmness and individual attention, Michaela creates a unique and inspirational practice open to students of various ages, levels and conditions who are open to fully explore their potential.

  • Sophie Bernaille

    Sophie Bernaille
  • "I love Asquith products; they are comfortable and beautifully designed. The collections are unique and the colours are stunning. The values of the company are very important to me, as they totally match my lifestyle. I want to wear sustainable, socially and environmentally responsible, and fashionable products in my yoga classes, Asquith covers all of these."

    I discovered yoga in Canada four years ago. Back in the French Alps, I practiced with Cécile Roubaud who is also an Asquith Ambassador. Slowly I discovered the mental benefits of yoga and how it can bring balance to body and mind. My practice became essential, and changes in my personal life naturally lead me to my Hatha yoga teacher training. As a teacher, I want to make students aware that there is a way for a better mental and physical health, especially against stress. As a mountain lover, I wanted to bring these two worlds together, organising yoga classes in altitude, yoga-hiking or yoga-climbing workshops, through partnerships with mountain guides. I also teach yoga for kids as I believe that they deserve this space of freedom and they are the future of this beautiful world!

  • Eileen Riordan O’Sullivan

    Yoga Flow Pilates
  • “Asquith clothing is multifunctional, with beautifully flattering colours. It’s extremely comfortable, tactile and perfect for practice, traveling between classes and my everyday life. I have many favourite pieces of Asquith clothing that still look great after several years of use and I love the fact that is ethical and organic”

    Eileen Riordan O’Sullivan is certified in yoga & Pilates and enjoys teaching a light-hearted, creative practice of breath work, meditation, flow, pre-natal, Yoga Nidra, Yin & Restorative yoga. Eileen specialised in Restorative Yoga with Judith Hanson Lasater and continued her training in Advanced Restorative Yoga: Therapeutic Aspects of Restorative Yoga, assisting Judith to teach restoratives. Among many others Eileen has also worked with Yoga Therapy Ireland & Pilates Restorative Exercise teaching breast cancer survivors. She has also trained with Special Yoga Centre in London, adapting yoga for people with disabilities. She is currently training as a Yoga Therapist with Yoga Therapy Ireland.



  • “I love Asquith clothing and wear it all the time. The fabrics are natural and breathable and the clothes comfy, beautiful and durable. The colours are vibrant and extremely feminine and I have peace of mind knowing the clothes are ethically produced. My students and friends also love them”

    Rachel first started Yoga in 1999 and in 2008 qualified as a teacher. She runs weekly yoga classes and private lessons in her own studio in Peaslake, Surrey. She regularly holds well women, womb and restorative yoga workshops and Rachel also offers red tent circle’s for women of all ages. The group classes are focused on alignment, progressive and effective but at the same time her classes are fun and dynamic.

  • Lindsey Porter

    Yoga~Nu~U Yoga
  • “Adaptable, accentuating and awesome is how I feel about Asquith clothing. Easy and comfortable to live in, breathe in and simply just be in. And I love the sassy pattern on my latest capri pants!”

    Yoga~Nu~U is about embracing who you are on and off the mat. Lindsey's January 2016 YAF31 challenge - Yoga Around Falkirk (in Scotland) discovering and visiting Falkirk's points of interest, taking a picture of a different pose in each place and sharing it via social media has gained media attention and the idea is happily spreading out across the world.

    Lindsey has always loved pushing her boundaries, finding new edges and doing many things at once. From a successful 20 year career in Financial Services working in the UK and overseas Lindsey is now spending more time with her young children and sharing the Yoga, Reiki, and NLP coaching and other life insights she's picked up on the way. She currently offers yoga classes in Falkirk and Linlithgow, Scotland and Scottish Wellbeing Retreats held in the beautiful tranquility of the Scottish Highlands.

    Lindsey trained in Akhanda Hatha yoga 2006 in India. It was there Asha Jhoti was given to her as her yogic name translating into ‘Light of Hope.’

  • Sophie Wire

    The Fit Pixie
  • “I adore Asquith: the colours are wonderful, the fit is great, and the styling lovely. The tops and bottoms stay put, so there is no need to keep adjusting everything during a class. I love that they have a low environmental impact, and I can't wait to tell everyone more about Asquith!”

    Sophie is studying to be a fitness instructor with plans to go on to teach both yoga and Pilates. Having come to fitness instructing from a textiles designer and teacher background, she is passionate both about the way things are made and the way they look and feel - so she has plenty of positive things to say about Asquith! Living an outdoor life in Cornwall gives Sophie plenty of scope to put Asquith products to the test, whether she is training, teaching, hiking, or just relaxing.


    Lottie Jones Yoga
  • “I'm so glad I found Asquith clothing and very proud to be one of their ambassadors. Eco-friendly, beautifully designed, made from organic cotton and bamboo. They are perfect for yoga taking me from my mat to my coffee run and are part of my everyday wardrobe. ”

    Lottie is a BWY registered yoga teacher and holds the 200 hour Yogacampus diploma. She currently teaches in Amersham, Buckinghamshire bringing yoga to the local community teaching mixed ability Hatha Flow classes. She firmly believes that a regular yoga practice has many benefits for our bodies and minds in our ever increasing busy lives. 

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