What To Wear


Yoga has a variety of disciplines, so what you wear to each class may be slightly different. All our yoga tops, pants and leggings are designed so you can move freely through asanas without restriction. These are things to look out for:

• A fitted, elasticated waistband on trousers that helps them to stay in place during inverted postures.

• An additional layer such as a cardigan or long sleeve t-shirt for Savasana (end of practice relaxation) or until you warm up, is always useful.

• For high intensity forms of yoga such as Power, Bikram or Vinyasa flow we suggest more fitted garments. You may also get quite sweaty so garments made from bamboo, a naturally moisture-wicking material, are best.

• For slower paced forms of yoga such as Hatha, look for looser styles.

• Our collection works very well for pregnancy yoga because our yoga trousers can be worn wherever you want to at your waist – making them flexible, breathable and comfortable.

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The crucial thing when you practice Pilates is that you need to be comfortable. Pilates involves bending, stretching, twisting and floor work and that is hard to master without feeling good in what you are wearing. The garments need to be form-fitting so that your teacher has good visibility of your knees and ankles but also unrestrictive.

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