We are so excited that ‘zero-waste’ has become such a trend over the past couple of years. It is becoming increasingly easier to purchase products with a ‘zero-waste’ initiative. As people are becoming more aware of why they should be cutting down on plastics and other non-environmentally friendly waste products, it’s now easier to find things to replace them to make your life simpler as well as helping the planet.
We asked food and nutrition blogger Vicky from The Flourishing Pantry to share her new found favourite zero-waste products and we guarantee you won’t look back.

Bees Wrap

bees wrap - Sustainable cling film

Did you know according to the Guardian ‘Humans have made enough plastic since the second world war to coat the Earth entirely in clingfilm, an international study has revealed. This ability to plaster the planet in plastic is alarming, say scientists – for it confirms that human activities are now having a pernicious impact on our world.’

Cambridge based BeeBee Wraps was started to tackle the use of unnecessary plastics in the kitchen in favour of a healthier, more sustainable way to store our food. After months of trialling and a lot of beeswax on the kitchen floor, founder Kath created the perfect design for beeswax coated cotton wraps.

Simpy use warm hands to shape the wrap around containers and food creating a breathable seal that keeps food fresh. After 12 months use the wrap can be thrown onto the compost making it even more sustainable


Pop-in Re-Usable Bamboo Wipes

Re-usable bamboo baby wipes

Made from soft, super absorbent anti-bacterial bamboo, these wipes are a great alternative to their disposable counterparts. Compact enough to fit in a pocket, when they are dirty just pop them back into the accompanying tote bag to clean and re-use.

Pop-In is a range from Hertford based parent product company Close Parent who are committed to making durable, sustainable products. Close also make re-usable nappies and tote bags in the same range.


S’well water bottles

S'well stainless steel, water bottles on the beach.

Founder Sarah Kauss launched S’well with the mission to rid the world of plastic water bottles. Not only do they pollute the environment but there are now concerns that the chemicals from the plastic can be contaminating our water and effecting our health. Swell bottles are made from anti-bacterial stainless steel and are insulated so you can keep hot water hot for 12 hours and cold water cold for 24. Each bottle features a fashionable design making each collection a seriously coveted item.

Little Greene Twin Tone lampshades

sustainable home decor


Add a little bit of zero waste to your home with these stylish, sustainable lampshades from UK based designers Joff and Ollie. Made of two sheets of heavyweight paper, this product is fully recyclable and biodegradable.

The paper is manufactured by GF Smith, one of the country’s oldest speciality paper makers. Based in the Lake District, the paper boasts low production miles and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) accreditation, a mark of products that are helping ensure the world’s forests are alive for generations to come.


Dedon Nestrest

sustainable outdoor furniture


Zero waate products are available from the kitchen to the garden with these designs from German brand Dedon. Dedon work with some of the world’s leading designers to create outdoor furniture to make the garden as comfortable, stylish and sustainable as the rest of the home.

Dedon have created this striking outdoor shelter made entirely from recyclable, non-toxic and weatherproof materials. Thanks to its innovative organic structure and the cocoon-like feeling once you’re inside nestled in cushions you won’t want to leave.


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