This week it is all about yoga for sore backs. As it is nearing towards the end of the week our backs, necks and body’s can start to ache after long days in front of a computer or sat at a desk which is why we asked some of our favourite yoga teachers to share the best poses to do at the end of the day and

Anna De Sousa / @annadesousa

Yoga backbend on wall

Yoga for sore backs

Thread The Needle. A soft nice twist. Love it.

For mobility

Downward dog to plank. Flowing between those two poses makes my back and legs feel incredible.

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Emily Hill / @emilyclarehill

Yoga pose against tree

Yoga for sore backs

Working into the hamstring the back of the legs and into the deeper muscles of the hips. A forward folding pigeon would connect with both spaces on a gentle level.

For strength

A plank will connect with the whole body its a win win.

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Lana Almulla / @lunaroniyari

Forward fold yoga pose

Yoga for sore backs

If the sore back is due to muscle tightness then poses such as: Childs pose, puppy pose, savasana, forward folds keeping a flat back, pyramid pose can be super helpful.

For strength

6 rounds of slow and mindful sun salutations at the beginning of each practice, holding chaturanga each time we lower to activate the arms, core and entire body. Warrior 1,2 and 3 are also great strengthening poses.

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Pip Elysium / @acroyogaballerina

Forward fold yoga pose and feet

Yoga for sore backs

I handstand whenever I need to decompress. Hanging from a barre also does the same thing

For mobility

Shoulder Openers, my favourite is a partner stretch that I bring in a lot into my Handstand Classes

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Alix Flamand / @alix_yoga

Yoga pose in a swimming costume

Yoga for sore backs

Balasana or Child Pose is a great pose to release lower back discomfort.  Stretch the spine by gently pressing the hips down.  You will have the same effect with Adho Mukha Svanasana / Downward Facing Dog.  Twisting postures are great to relieve back pain.

For mobility

Cobra Pose or Bhujangasana is the foundation of all the backbends and wonderful to improve mobility of the spine and to open the chest.

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