What is your earliest wellness memory?

Wellness really wasn’t a thing for me growing up; some people have memories of home-cooked food, but I always joke that I was raised by M&S. My mum would kill me for saying this, but microwave lasagne was pretty much a staple in our house growing up. And then I went off to boarding school, where we lived off a diet of potato waffles and sponge pudding at every meal, so it wasn’t really until university that I discovered healthy eating and really got into wellness!

What does ‘wellness’ mean to you?

Honestly, I think we over-complicate wellness. We’ve all been Goop-ified; and obsess over things like macros, superfoods and intermittent fasting. Wellness to me means self-understanding, kindness and intuition. Intuitive eating and exercise – knowing what your body and your mind needs when, is so important. I’m better now at understanding my individual needs, whether that’s a walk in the park over a HIIT class, or a slice of pizza for my soul, I try to not stick to too many rules or routines. That’s true wellness: intuition and being kind to yourself.

If you were to describe your job in three words, what would they be?

A total rollercoaster.

What’s has been the highlight of your career so far?

There have been so many highs; from hosting sell-out events of 300 people, to interviewing female visionaries like Cherie Blair and Ella Mills, aka Deliciously Ella. Those events have all been amazing, but I try to focus on enjoying the day-to-day just as much and take the focus off outside validation or accomplishment. I think it’s really important to find the joy in what you do, every single day. I’m obsessed with Karren Brady though; if I met her, it would be a highlight of my career for sure.

Why did you start About Time Magazine?

I started About Time pretty much straight out of university; I was researching things to do in London, and I often felt overwhelmed by the long lists and guides on offer. I wanted something curated and pared back, that knew your time, money and energy was precious – and told you exactly how to spend it. About Time has always been your friend in the know – bossy, authoritative and not afraid of being deeply personal, because time is precious, and you deserve the best.

For those who haven’t visited About Time Magazine yet, what can they expect to find?

Lots of delicious food! Seriously, our readers love food listicles and guides – some of them super niche, like London’s best salt beef sandwiches and the best breakfast bagels in the capital. We also produce great 48-hour guides to cities, so you can find the highlights of what to do when travelling. And we have an ‘About Time You Met’ interview slot, where we interview inspiring entrepreneurs, authors and leaders on their personal stories. It’s basically everything ‘it’s about time you discovered’, you know?

What’s your favourite thing to do on a rainy afternoon in London?

On the weekends, I love doing a yoga class at Triyoga in Camden – their hot yoga and Barre classes are so good! Followed by a drizzly walk in Primrose Hill, and a cupcake at the Primrose Bakery (very good for celebrity spotting, I once watched Jude Law eating a red velvet cupcake) and then home for a movie. Ideal.

Tell us your favourite London Wellness spots?

There’s so many! A huge part of my job is staying on top of the capital’s latest trends, so I pretty much try out a new gym or workout every week. I’m a big ClassPass fan, as I love the variety involved – a few of my regular rotation include dynamic reformer Pilates at TEN Health and Fitness, spin at Another Space, yoga at Triyoga and I’m very excited to try the new SoulCycle!

What’s your secret London spot that everyone needs to know about?

Experimental Cocktail Club, hidden behind a heavy grey door in a dingy part of Chinatown, is a three-storey haven of perfectly put-together drinks.

Brunch or dinner?

Dinner! I’m not a breakfast person, which is very off-brand of me to say, and it throws my whole day off! I love nothing more than getting home from work, and tucking into a hearty homecooked meal (homecooked by someone else, ideally).

Favourite place for foodies in London?

It has to be Soho! There’s just so much variety on offer; some of my favourites are Mele e Pere for Italian, Soho House for cocktails, Dishoom for group dinners and Monmouth Kitchen in Covent Garden for a date night dinner. I’m also quite obsessed with sharing food – Ceru Kitchen is a great Middle Eastern sharing plates restaurant, and Scarlett Green is great for vegans, their vegan sharing board is delicious!

Favourite yoga/Pilates class in London?

I love Cheryl Mokhtari’s Vinyasa class at Triyoga Camden. I’m more of a reformer than mat pilates girl; my favourite places for Reformer are Epoch Fitness, TEN Health and Fitness, and Studio Lagree.

(Angelica wears our supportive yoga top the Conquer Cami and our super soft Flow With It Leggings.)

What do you like the most about living in London and why?

I love the energy of the city. I’m a naturally very energetic (read: hyperactive) person, and don’t need as much calm as other people, so the pace of the city really suits me. I feel energised every day living here, and love the buzz of Central London during the week. I love living in North London because there’s lots of green space when you need it – a Hampstead Heath walk on the weekend is always balm for the soul.

We love listening to your podcast. Can you tell us a little more about it and why people should listen to it?

Thanks! She Started It is a new podcast featuring incredible, inspiring women who are at the top of their industries. From fashion to fitness, law to entrepreneurship, the series explores what it takes to be a female trailblazer in today’s world. The series discovers the realities and challenges of success, highlighted through three key career moments, and answers the question we’ve all wondered at some point: how did she do it?

Top three podcasts?

I love “How I Built This with Guy Raz” for entrepreneur inspiration, Rhiannon Lambert’s “Food for Thought” podcast for amazing evidence-based guests and for keeping up with the culture zeitgeist, “The High Low”.

Who is your dream podcast guest?

Karren Brady, obviously!

Everyone practices yoga/Pilates for different reasons. When did you start and why?

I think it’s important to find exercise you really love – something that you’ll come back to time and time again, and not just for physical benefits. I love the way my mind feels after yoga – grounded, calm, quieter – and that’s what makes me come back. I started during university, when I was feeling overwhelmed by the social and academic pressure of a degree, and it’s been part of my weekly practice ever since. I went through a real hot yoga phase, and used to be addicted to Fierce Grace, but I now need yin more than yang, so I try to practice Yin and Restorative yoga instead.

Favourite yoga/Pilates pose and why?

I’m someone that loves being upside down. I’m pretty sure I was born the wrong way up, because any opportunity to do a headstand, handstand or Crow, I’m there! The world feels better that way for me.

Mindfulness or Meditation?

Mindfulness! Especially when eating. I love slowing down and really enjoying my mood, without any distractions. We all deserve a few minutes of the day for some real peace and quiet.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Shahroo Izadi talks about diversifying your coping mechanisms; and not relying on one thing, whether it’s booze, food, exercise, people, to make you feel good. Create a diverse range of things that support you daily and don’t create a “crutch” out of one copying mechanism. I think that’s pretty good advice for everyone.

What is your single piece of advice to the next generation of women?

You sow in your 20s, and reap in your 30s, is what I’ve always been told and I think there’s a lot of wisdom in taking your time, building your career and falling in love with your own life in your 20s. Don’t rush to get to the top, but try to enjoy the journey too.

Who is your ‘Wow Woman’?/strong>

My mum, Suzi Malin, is an exceptional portrait painter and all-round incredible woman. She’s my best friend, confidante and mentor, and I’m very lucky for that.

If you could only live in one item of Asquith clothing what would it be?

I live in my Divine Pants; they are the perfect balance of casual and smart. I could wear them forever.

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