This week we asked our favourite yoga teachers to share the poses they have always wanted to master and their favourite postures for the more advanced yogi.


Anna De Sousa / @annadesousa

Handstand in Asquith bamboo yoga pants

For the more advanced yogi:

Headstand. I wish I could say I’ve mastered this one, but I haven’t… I feel this pose requires so much control and focus… it’s definitely one for the advanced yogis!

The one pose you wish you could do:

Forearm stand. I’d love to do it because it must feel really good. I’m working on it!

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Emily Hill / @emilyclarehill

For the more advanced yogi:

This is a tough one… a Yin practice is considered an advanced practice but I think its very specific to the person. The goal is is continuous progression, if stillness is challenging for you then try to be still.

The one pose you wish you could do:

My float to handstand is weak I’m nurturing it but not I’m not quite there yet.

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Lana Almulla / @lunaroniyari

For the more advanced yogi:

Frog pose. I Love frog pose so much. It helps to open the hips, lengthen the spine, opens the front of the body and the heart centre.

The one pose you wish you could do:

Hanuman, splits. I have dreams about it. Not because it looks great but because of the sensation of having the freedom with open hips and hamstrings which my body craves so much.

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Pip Elysium / @acroyogaballerina

For the more advanced yogi:

Learning to relax and breathe with ease in any pose your working on.

The one pose you wish you could do:

There’s nothing like working towards something but I’m very comfortable to let poses come when my body is ready and allows it.

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Alix Flamand / @alix_yoga

For the more advanced yogi:

Sirsasana / Headstand: This is the king of the poses. It is calming yet energising.  As you become more advanced in your practice, it becomes a meditation pose as you can stay longer on your head.  You feel strong and grounded (but on the head) in this pose, especially when you can bring your legs in the lotus position.  I love all the variations of this asana, especially in the Dharma Yoga practice, which has so many fun variations to include in one’s practice.

The one pose you wish you could do:

The Full Scorpion otherwise known as a forearm balance or a handstand but with the soles of my feet on my head…. I am working on it and hoping that one day it will happen.

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