With the summer holidays on everyone’s to do list we wanted to share with you our guide to the travel. From combatting jet lag to the three essentials you need in your hand luggage we have asked some of the world’s best travelled bloggers and Alice Asquith herself to share some of their secrets to travelling well and best of all you can download the guides and keep them handy as a reminder for your next adventure.

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 Asquith Travel Guide

Asquith Travel Guide

We asked our favourite bloggers, influencers and Alice Asquith for some of their top travel tips so you can travel in style this Summer.

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How do you decide where to go?

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Rachel – @Hippieinheels: I use Instagram for a lot of travel inspiration and follow my favorite travel bloggers on Bloglovin.

Silvia – @Heartmybackpack:I have a really long list of new places I want to visit and old favorites I want to return to, so usually I just pull something from the list based on how much time and budget I have for a trip – and if I’m craving sunshine or snow.

Alice Asquith:My partner and I decide on our holiday destinations together. We’re not good on just sunbathing/lying on sunbeds. Fortunately we both like ‘doing’ things. A mix of culture, ideally (for me) sunshine, good food, being in nature.

Lizzy – @Whatlizzyloves: My partner and I have five children between us ranging from a 19 year-old boy to an 11 year-old girl so we look for something to suit all ages, preferably without a long flight.

Wendy – @Thankfifi: Usually I have seen somewhere on Instagram or Pinterest and fall in love…  Or I search Kiwi and Skyscanner for cheap flights and go from there.

Beth – @bethgoodrham_stylist: As there are five of us in our family, there’s a long checklist of what we need to consider in order to keep everyone happy. But quite often we leave it until the last minute, so we have to take what’s on offer. It’s always worked out well so far! Last year we went to a fabulous villa with its own gym, running track and pool – so there was plenty for us to do.

Jamie – @beautyrocksblogI have a pretty good idea of what destinations are already on my bucket list after talking to travel junkies for years! But I do get a lot of inspiration through travel magazines and on Instagram. 

Lisa – @Thesequinist: These days, my decision is based around something that my husband and I will enjoy as well as our young son. It has to be a holiday for ALL of us, without too much compromise.


Where is next on your travel list and why?
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Rachel – @Hippieinheels: I just moved to Mexico after 5 years in India so I cannot wait to explore here more and have plans to go to the Galapagos soon! India has got everything: deep-rooted culture, insane food, beaches, jungles, deserts, the busiest cities in the world, rolling tea fields, and even the Himalayas so it’s always on my travel list,

Silvia – @Heartmybackpack: This summer I want to travel more around my home country of Norway. I tend to get so caught up in planning adventures overseas that I forget how amazing my home is, and I really want to see more of it.

Alice Asquith: The Amalfi Coast, Italy. Can’t wait. Then a long weekend Vienna to see all the exhibitions on Klimt & Schiele – it’s 100 years since they both died and we both love their work. And I love the food and architecture in Vienna.

Lizzy – @Whatlizzyloves:I’d love to go to The Maldives. It just looks so idyllic and tranquil there. I’d also love to go to Scandinavia.

Wendy – @Thankfifi: Portugal.  The rugged coastline of the Algarve and the old villages look so beautiful…  we fly there in three weeks!

Beth – @bethgoodrham_stylist: I’d love to go back to New York. The energy there is amazing and I always feel like I’m on some huge film set. Corsica or Sardinia really appeal to me and Santorini is somewhere that I’ve wanted to go for years. I think that the family would love it there. Oh and Watergate Bay in Cornwall – it’s just so relaxing.

Jamie – @beautyrocksblog: I would love to go to Sri Lanka – the images that I’ve seen from there just look incredible and it seems like such a culturally rich country to explore.

Lisa – @Thesequinist: We’re going to Ile de Ré, an island off the southwest coast of France. My husband’s family has been going there for 40 years, so we have to make an appearance every few years, although I struggle at revisiting the same placed repeatedly when there is so much more to see in the world.


Which of the below is your ultimate holiday and why?

Beach, City, Romantic, Family Vacation?

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Rachel – @Hippieinheels: Beach forever!

Silvia – @Heartmybackpack: Can I be gross and say romantic? I travel about two weeks every month but my boyfriend is only able to travel with me once or twice a year, so it’s always very special when we get to go somewhere together.

Alice Asquith:City or exploring a region of a country.  Our holiday needs to have a combination of relaxing, food, walking, sunshine, art. Not necessarily in that order.

Lizzy – @Whatlizzyloves: Oh gosh, all of the above! All holidays are good!

Wendy – @Thankfifi: I don’t think you need to choose just one…  I think a beautiful village by the beach can be both romantic and a family holiday.  I could never choose just one alone but with the fast pace of life right now usually relaxing by the coast will win out over a city.

Beth – @bethgoodrham_stylist: If I could combine two, it would have to be a beach family holiday – as long as it was warm! There’s just something lovely about us all being together, being outside, feeling the sand between our toes and swimming in the sea. Combine it with some fabulous accommodation and great food and what more could you ask for?

Jamie – @beautyrocksblog: I love a beach holiday and I think that’s because I live in London, which is obviously a big, busy city! I find the beach or nature-oriented holidays are really nice escapes for me and allow me to really unwind and reconnect with Mother Nature.

Lisa – @Thesequinist: I’m a city holiday gal.  You can’t beat New York, Paris, or Rome for having things to entertain the whole family.


What are the three essential items do you always take with you on holiday?

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Rachel – @Hippieinheels: My Panasonic GX85 mirror less camera, my Kindle fully stocked with new books, and a big tote bag.

Silvia – @Heartmybackpack:A good book, my camera (way too much camera gear, actually), and body butter! My skin gets so dry when I travel.

Alice Asquith:Caudalie’s Beauty Exilir (to spritz and refresh my face on a flight) Asquith Jumpsuit and Pants for travelling. A great book. Restaurant ideas for our destination (usually I’ve booked them in advance – we’re big foodies)

Lizzy – @Whatlizzyloves: Camera, first-aid kit, chargers.

Wendy – @Thankfifi: Camera, sheepskin slippers to feel at home and a great bikini (ALWAYS in hand luggage just in case…).

Beth – @bethgoodrham_stylist: A Hammam beach towel, as they are lighter in weight than ordinary ones (and neon beach club have just sent a personalized one to me which I’m very excited about), a series of clutches which may be personalized, printed or have tassels and pom poms on them, the Asquith Karma Capri bamboo yoga pants which are perfect in the heat and my trainers, so that I can go for a run

Jamie – @beautyrocksblog: I always take my camera (of course), sun cream and probiotics (to keep my system in check).

Lisa – @Thesequinist: Lip balm, a little bag of nuts for protein and a bar of green and black’s dark chocolate.


Aside from the basics (passport, credit card, phone) which 3 items do you always pack for the flight?

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Rachel – @Hippieinheels: Stevie stack platforms from James Smith that go with everything,  a baseball hat, and Sun Bum face stick sunscreen.

Silvia – @Heartmybackpack: An eye mask, a scarf to sort of tie my head to my chair as a pillow, and snacks (I hate airplane food).

Alice Asquith: Bee Energised Energy and Focus. Asquith huge bamboo scarf – I can’t bear the synthetic travel blankets on planes. I am always wearing our Asquith yoga clothes to travel, usually our yoga pants or leggings, they so comfy when the aircon kicks in and great for all the temperature changes on flights.

Lizzy – @Whatlizzyloves: Moisturiser, a magazine, wet wipes because you just never know when you might need them.

Wendy – @Thankfifi: Pawpaw ointment for cuticles and lips (and scrapes during the trip), a big scarf because sometimes planes are so cold (also doubles as a beach towel/cover up in case of lost luggage – are you sensing a paranoid theme yet?!) and books to keep the baby entertained.

Beth – @bethgoodrham_stylist: A book as I never get a chance to read at home, a big scarf or cashmere blanket to keep me warm and some decent food and snacks of my choosing as I’m not a fan of airplane food.

Jamie – @beautyrocksblog: I always have a hand cream (I hate getting dry hands), an antibacterial gel for hands and always a hydration mist to keep my face cool and refreshed during the flight.


What are your top tips for surviving a long haul flight?

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Rachel – @Hippieinheels: Taking a sleeping pill, it’s not for everyone, but I travel so much that I do take them for the longer flights.

Silvia – @Heartmybackpack:  This is something I started doing recently and it works so well: I’ll stuff a sweater in the compartment on the seat in front of me and then put a shoe on top of it to make a nice little tray to hold my feet up. It makes sleeping much easier. But I also try to plan for zero sleep so I don’t need to feel stressed if sleep just isn’t happening.

Alice Asquith: Get straight into your destination’s time zone and change your watch on the flight so you don’t think of the time difference.

Lizzy – @Whatlizzyloves: Drink lots of water and have a glass or two of wine to relax. After all, it’s going to end in something fabulous!

Wendy – @Thankfifi: Set you watch to the destination time and get on the timeframe from takeoff.  Then sleep and work; I work on my laptop until the battery dies and then usually take melatonin to fall asleep.

Beth – @bethgoodrham_stylist: Switch your watch to the time zone you’re going to as soon as you get on the airplane (and then don’t look at it again!) take an eye mask and ear plugs so that you can try and get some rest, eat a little and often and drink plenty of water.

Jamie – @beautyrocksblogA nice neck pillow, flight socks and lots and lots of water!

Lisa – @Thesequinist: Drink as much water as you can and don’t drink any alcohol.



What are your top tips for beating jet lag?

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Rachel – @Hippieinheels: Don’t try to beat the system, just get a lot of rest before and take a day once you reach to rest up properly.

Silvia – @Heartmybackpack: Ugh I wish I knew how to beat it. I do try to go to sleep after 10 pm local time when I first arrive, and usually that helps.

Alice Asquith: Meditate.

Lizzy – @Whatlizzyloves: Set your watch to that of your destination as soon as you get on the plane. Try to stay awake when you arrive  so you can go to sleep at the local “bedtime”.

Wendy – @Thankfifi: Melatonin supplements.

Beth – @bethgoodrham_stylist: Just try to switch to the time zone you’re in ASAP as you’ll adjust so much quicker than if you just collapse in a heap when you arrive. I suppose that it’s one of those rare occasions when you have to ignore what your body is telling you!

Jamie – @beautyrocksblogI always try to stay awake when I arrive at a destination, even if it’s in the morning and stay awake until it’s time for bed in that time zone, so I can quickly adjust.

Lisa – @Thesequinist: Even if you can’t sleep, just using the time to rest your body is so important.  Just enjoy the time in bed rather than fretting about not sleeping.


How do you stay healthy on holiday?

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Rachel – @Hippieinheels: I tend to eat a lot more on holiday but I’m also super active so I think it balances out.

Alice Asquith:Drink plenty of water throughout the day if it’s a warm climate. Eat lots of fruit for breakfast. Yoga stretches every morning.

Lizzy – @Whatlizzyloves: Lots and lots of fruit and fish. Take extra care with hand hygiene and listen to advice about whether the water is safe to drink. Even ice-cubes in drinks can cause an upset tummy. Be vigilant with sun cream and insect repellant. 

Wendy – @Thankfifi: I usually find I want to drink a lot more water and eat a lot more healthily in warm weather and when the weather is beautiful it is so nice to walk somewhere for dinner or drinks.  I think it should feel natural and if it doesn’t then you shouldn’t worry about it, you’re on holiday and you can be healthy at home – treat yourself if you want to!

Beth – @bethgoodrham_stylist: For the first couple of days I probably don’t really! I may take a few days off exercise and sample the local delicacies but I usually reach my ice cream limit within 3 days or so, so then I switch back to what I would normally eat. It’s one of those tricky ones where there’s an instinct to let it all go but on the other hand it’s a great chance to take more exercise and focus on yourself. It’s all about balance

Jamie – @beautyrocksblogI always take probiotics and make sure that I’m always carrying antibacterial gel in case there is no chance to wash my hands. Vitamin C sachets are also a handy way to help prevent colds and flue as they can just be added to water.

Lisa – @Thesequinist: I try to stay active and I genuinely enjoy exploring the local markets of fresh food. I can’t bear the regret of too much bad food once I get home, so that keeps me on track.



Favourite place to watch the sunset?

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Rachel – @Hippieinheels: The beach, of course.

Alice Asquith:Over the sacred lake in Pushkar, India. I went over 25 years ago and want to go back it is magical place.

Lizzy – @Whatlizzyloves: Anywhere with my partner

Wendy – @Thankfifi: Ooh tough one…  there are so many amazing places and Bali sunsets as well as Australian sunsets are pretty special.  But we had sunset dinner at Los Enamorados in Ibiza last summer and it was so unbelievably beautiful.

Beth – @bethgoodrham_stylist: The west coast of Guernsey.

Jamie – @beautyrocksblogEither from a balcony looking out over the sea or a cliff side.

Lisa – @Thesequinist: Anywhere there is a cocktail in front of me, I’m not fussy.


What is your must have sundowner?

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Alice Asquith:Aperol Spritz (ideally with crisps, my guilty pleasure). 

Lizzy – @Whatlizzyloves:I do love a Pina Colada!

Wendy – @Thankfifi: Gin and Tonic or a pina colada if I’m treating myself.

Beth – @bethgoodrham_stylist: A glass of fizz, or a fruity cocktail always work.

Jamie – @beautyrocksblogI’m a fan of a margarita or a glass of champagne always does the job.

Lisa – @Thesequinist: That depends on the location. In Italy or Spain, a Campari with fresh orange juice. In New York, a Sidecar. In Paris, a glass of champagne. In Africa, a whisky on ice.


If you had an unlimited travel budget where would you go and why?

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Rachel – @Hippieinheels: Luxury safaris in Africa, all over! It’s my dream.

Silvia – @Heartmybackpack: Kamchatka! I’ve been dreaming of visiting for years but in order to see the best bits you need to get a helicopter in and it’s super expensive. One day!

Alice Asquith: Japan. I hope to go next year. I’m fascinated by their culture, rituals and food.

Lizzy – @Whatlizzyloves: I’d go to Australia and New Zealand for an extended holiday, perhaps via Bali if that would work!

Wendy – @Thankfifi: Round the world.  I am a travel junkie and literally want to go everywhere I haven’t yet been…  Cuba, Croatia, Cambodia (that’s just the C’s)…

Beth – @bethgoodrham_stylist:The Maldives, it always looks so tranquil and beautiful. Like paradise!

Jamie – @beautyrocksblogI would do a huge road trip across the USA and visit all 50 states, go on safari in Africa, explore Eastern Europe and hop around Polynesia. I also love Asia so would probably revisit Japan where I lived for four years.

Lisa – @Thesequinist: I’d go on a year long safari in Africa. I used to live there, and I love the changes nature brings each season. Being with wild animals is my happiest place.


Favourite place in the UK (home country) to staycation to and why?

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Rachel – @Hippieinheels: My boyfriend is from the UK (Kent) and we love to go to Cornwall when we are back in his home country. I love St. Ives. I also loved Hastings and Brighton.

Silvia – @Heartmybackpack: In Norway a lot of people have family cabins in the mountains or by the sea and I love staying with some friends in a cabin, reconnecting with nature.

Alice Asquith: The Cotswolds. It’s lovely touring around the beautiful villages. We tend to have breakfast at Soho Farmhouse and chill out there for the day and swim, check out the Art at The Ashmolean in Oxford, go on some lovely country walks and visit Daylesford Farm shop for a spot of lunch.

Lizzy – @Whatlizzyloves: Woolacomb. The beaches are beautiful and there is an amazing beach café on Barricane Beach that serves Sri-Lankan curry. It’s fabulous!

Wendy – @Thankfifi: Archerfield lodges in Scotland are beautiful and we love the beach and eateries in North Berwick which is next door.  I would really love to explore the Scottish islands more though and also England.  We are so lucky to have all these incredible places on our doorstep.

Beth – @bethgoodrham_stylist: Guernsey – it’s like my second home. On a hot day there is nowhere better. The beaches are stunning, the crab sandwiches are the best and the rugged coastline is beautiful. Plus they have some fabulous boutiques.

Jamie – @beautyrocksblog In the UK I really love Devon and the south coast – some of the coastline is so beautiful. I also like the highlands in Scotland but of course the weather is unpredictable. The Lake District is also beautiful in the summer.

Lisa – @Thesequinist: I love Wales.  I think it is SO underrated; the wild natural beauty of the Brecon Beacons knocks me sideways.


Do you practice yoga/Pilates whilst you are away?

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Rachel – @HippieinheelsI don’t unless I join a class; I don’t have the dedication to do it on my own at home or in a hotel room.

Alice Asquith: Yoga stretches daily. Especially important with all the walking and sitting you tend to do when on holiday. I tend to get very tight hamstrings too! I always take the Asquith yoga card with me so I can follow along in a routine.

Lizzy – @Whatlizzyloves:  I have only just started taking yoga classes but I will definitely do a few stretches when I’m away this time.

Wendy – @Thankfifi: Yes if the hotel runs a class especially if it’s by the water.

Jamie – @beautyrocksblogI love to do a few yoga stretches after a long journey – I find it really helps to release tension in my body.

Lisa – @Thesequinist:  Yes, I love to find a good yoga studio when I’m in another city.



If so what are your favourite poses to help beat jag and stretch out after a long journey.

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Rachel – @Hippieinheels: I always stretch out my hip flexors as they get really tight sitting for long periods of time, and I do ab exercises to ease any backpain from travel.

Alice Asquith:A spinal Twist to stretch out. A few Sun Salutations to get the circulation going and a good hamstring stretch.

Lizzy – @Whatlizzyloves: Lots of leg and back stretches. I don’t know the correctyogi terms but I know they work.

Wendy – @Thankfifi: I love a good sun salutation to set me up for the day.

Beth – @bethgoodrham_stylist: I have a series of poses that I go through – but I’m not sure that they have proper names!

Jamie – @beautyrocksblogI mean you can’t beat a downward dog for stretching in general. I also like child’s pose for stretching my lower back and after a flight I spend some time with my legs up against the wall to help the circulation if my ankles which are usually swollen after a long flight.

Lisa – @Thesequinist: Is there anything better than upward and downward dog?