Did you know that plastic is designed to last forever? This means that it never breaks up it only breaks down so it becomes a permanent pollutant effecting every animal in all eco-systems. Most plastic will end up in our waterways and oceans and it is predicted that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish. Plastics transfer back into the food chain carrying pollutants with them and the most harrowing fact is that every bit of plastic ever made still exists!

Plastic Free July was created to help people become more aware of theses facts and the effect that plastic has on the environment as well as showing you how easy it can be to cut unnecessary plastic from your life.

We have rounded up some of our favourite tips to help you cut out single use plastic so you can live plastic free for life not just for July!


  • Avoid products in plastic packaging – Supermarkets are the biggest example of this, as they fly in food from all over the world they often wrap it in layers of plastic to protect it from damage. Avoid this by shopping in local stores with locally, organically grown produce.
  • Bring your own bags – Even though you now have to pay 5p per bag, it’s so easy to get caught out so be sure to always have a tote bag at the ready to avoid last minute plastic bag purchases.
  • Refillable products – Lots of brands are now offering refills so hold on to your original bottle and refill where you can. Ecover is one of our favourites for refillable products.
  • Refusing plastics that escape as litter – The worst culprits are straws, takeaway cups, utensils and balloons. Help to reduce this waste by opting for reusable glass or stainless steel straws, wooden cutlery, reusable coffee cups and biodegradable balloons.
  • Recycling what cannot be avoided – Always recycle products where you can, buy another a bin and use that for recycling only. Give your old clothes to charity and avoid unnecessary waste where possible.

We want to know what your favourite #plasticfreejuly tips are. Tell us in the comments below and share them with your friends and family so we can all start to reduce plastic and clean up our oceans.

Click here to find out more about Plastic Free July and how you can get involved.




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