Created by as the name would suggest, Joseph Pilates. Born in Germany in 1883, little is known about Pilates childhood other than he was a ‘sickly’ child and so turned to exercise and athletics to increase his metabolism. Interned in the war years he developed a fitness programme for his fellow internes to maintain their fitness whilst being held in confinement. This included re-positioning the beds, mattresses and bed springs so that he could practice with resistance.

Returning to Germany after the war Pilates came into contact with the world of dance and started to incorporate movement from Rudoph von Laban of Labanotation and Hanya Holm of the Holm Technique.

Pilates declined the offer train the new German Army and instead moved to New York setting up his first fitness studio at an address he shared with the New York City Ballet.

The studio began to attract the New York elite with leading ballet dancers, actors and actresses including Gregory Peck and Katharine Hepburn.

Until the late 1990’s Pilates was very much unknown to the general public but today an estimated 25 million people practice Pilates or one of its variants.


What are the benefits?

Pilates has many benefits for both the body and mind including.

• Improvement in posture
• Better core stability and strength
• Better breathing
• Improvement in Back Pain
• Heightened body awareness
• Better balance and co-ordination
• Improved joint mobility
• Improved strength and flexibility
• Improved bone density
• Less stress
• Fewer aches and pains
• Overall improvement in your health and wellbeing


Where can I practice?

Going to a class or for one to one session is the best place to start. We recommend checking out these studios and teachers for some inspiration.

Pilates Studios:

Body Control Pilates

Power Pilates UK 

Studio Pilates

My Method

Pilates Teachers:

Lottie Murphy

Katharine Jemmett

Sara Colquhoun

Joni Weeks


 What should I wear?

It’s important to be comfortable but to also be able to see your form and feel confident at the same time. Our eco-friendly, organic Pilates clothing allows your skin to breathe and it’s designed to be both functional and flattering so you look great both on and off the mat.

Try our flattering Om Leggings paired with our supportive Go to Vest and layered with our Blissful Wrap.


Om Leggings  

Go To Vest 

Blissful Wrap

Check out more of our Pilates clothing here…


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