As yogis, one of our principles is Ahimsa, to cause no injury, to do no harm so wearing organic yoga clothes to practice and teach yoga in matters! The clothes we wear are our chosen skin. They represent how we feel about ourselves, our message to the world, and they each come with their own story of how they were made, where they were made, what they were made from and who they were made by.

Asquith organic yoga clothes in Bali

The chain of people involved in something like a simple yoga vest is big, it includes cotton farmers, ginners, spinners, weavers, dyers, sewers and other hidden factory workers, as well as the designers, brands and shops that we may know. Many of the people who actually make our clothes are hidden, working in a system that doesn’t value them, that doesn’t treat them with compassion and respect. The process of making a simple yoga vest can be violent to all the people in the supply chain, from low wages, to long hours, to no rights, and can be violent to the planet too, using for example heavy and polluting pesticides and chemicals.

Asquith ethical yoga clothes in Bali

The fashion industry provides an incredible opportunity to change lives and our relationship with the planet all over the world. There are estimated to be around 80 billion garments made worldwide every year. In the modern yoga world, it’s easy to get carried away with the bright shiny leggings on offer.

But I have come to believe that real style comes from the heart, and expressing that love you have for the world. When you live your yoga like this, you just want to make choices that shine the brightest light around you.

Asquith organic activewear in Bali.

Wearing organic yoga clothes is a great way to make a difference. You will notice the softness on your skin, and know that you are wearing your yoga.

Asquith womens activewear in Bali.

Amisha ​Ghadiali ​is a yoga teacher, modern day priestess, intuitive healer and creative activist. She brings all this awareness of the mystical and her fascination with the relationship of our inner and outer worlds, to everything that she creates.

Amisha is also a writer and speaker on all aspects of conscious and green living. A big part of her ‘yoga’ is exploring how we relate to the world around us and embody our values. She edited the collaborative book, The Future Is Beautiful – A Collection from Think Act Vote, coining the term Creative Activism and bringing together ideas and artwork from over two hundred contributors to inspire a brighter future. She hosts the podcast The Future Is Beautiful which weaves together politics, spirituality, sustainability and creativity. Her words have appeared in publications including The Huffington Post, Rebelle Society & Ecouterre and she has spoken at events and festivals around the world such as TEDx Oxbridge, Sunday Papers Live & Burning Man.

For more about Amisha, see: & to listen to her podcast, visit:

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