We teamed up with Movement for Modern Life to create a film that makes getting out of bed on those cold autumn mornings a little bit easier. Yoga teacher, Lucy Bruegger, demonstrates a routine that you can do in less than ten minutes, whilst looking lovely in Asquith’s best selling seaweed colour.

One thought on “Autumn Morning Flow Yoga

By Movement for Modern Life [film]

  • Hi, love the idea of short comphrehensive yoga sessions, wherever you are, inspirational clips. If that is the intention rather than going down to the studio I have some tips – let Lucy be in a more homely, or out and about environment, and have her to talk, if talking, directly into the camera and getting the full attention from the viewer. Now the sounds/voice ends up in the mat, somewhere else and I loose the inspirational contact with an instructor. Alternatively, have a nice voice comment on her moves and let her just demonstrate the practise. It not to loose her/Lucy, you could have the camera women or man to follow her face and not have her to talk sometimes with her facing to the back! She is sweet but could be a bit more relaxed and personal and again, talk to me, not a “invisable class”. Clothing faboulus, but avoid pink mat to get outfit to stand out even more in its color.
    Look forward to the next clip. Sunshine from Stockholm.



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