One of the reasons we love yoga so much is because it really is for everyone. No matter your shape or your size, whether you are male of female, child or adult.

This ancient practice has been around for thousands of years and there are infinite ways to practice but we wanted to address some of the questions we often get asked such as how often should you do yoga? and when is the best time to do yoga?

Model wears our bamboo yoga top, the Go To Vest and our bamboo yoga leggings the Move It Leggings.

How often should you do yoga?

When it comes to yoga there are really no ‘shoulds’. Yoga is all about taking some time out to do the best thing for you and what you need in that present moment. So whether that means 5 minutes a day or 30 minutes twice a week, yoga is about doing what is right for your body and mind. It can even be as simple as lying in savasana if that’s what you feel you need to do.

If you are training to be a teacher or if you have a specific injury then you may have to put in some extra hours, but go with the flow both with how often you should practice and with yourself on the mat.

Model wears our bamboo yoga top, the Good Vibes Top and our bamboo yoga leggings the Move It Leggings.

When is the best time to practice yoga?

Again this question can be tailored to your specific needs but there are certain types of yoga better for the morning and those that are better in the evening to energise or to calm you. We have listed some below for you to try;










Yoga Nidra



Any time of day;


Self Practice

Yin Yang

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