Health and Wellness Checklist

Health and Wellness Checklist

Use this wellness checklist to help you stay well everyday.

It finally feels like we are all getting into the swing of our new way of life. One of the things we have found super useful throughout lockdown is keeping up with our wellness habits. For some of Team Asquith, this period has let them look deeper into their self-care routines and cultivate something that they hope to carry on with if/when life gets back normal.

So we wanted to share a little something to help you stay on track and carve out some time in your day to look after you.

Introducing our Wellness Checklist.

Simply download it from the link below, stick it to your wall and tick when you have completed a wellness task. From getting out in nature to enjoying a much-needed tea break, we hope this sheet will help you to stay healthy, happy and well.

Weekly Checklist

Monthly Checklist

Let us know how you get on in the comments below. Plus if you place any order you will receive a printed version in the post along with a little something special from our friends at Dragonfly Tea (whilst stocks last).


Love from Team Asquith


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